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England Karate Squad

All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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Messages of Support

Enjoy the day, go get the medal Alex.
Nan & Grumps xx

Remember what I told you ALEX --- GET THE GOLD --- Lv your Big Brother Edward.

Good luck to Ryan and Heidi for today, go for it. Hope you both come back with a gold medal!. All the best.
Bethany, Thomas and the rest of the Snell's

Squad. Excellent first day results
Jamaal, Aimee and Jerome fantastic performances, you are now in an elite club, stay there!!! Well done Wayne, Natalie and Jonathan. Keep the medals coming. See you all soon.
Greg Francis

Hi Bert, Best of luck in the Europeans tomorrow mate, as always - do yourself and England proud!
Oliver 'The Natural' Norris

Please send Tom best wishes.
Busted and the rest of the Palmers from PC Karate

Good luck Heidi and Ryan. I'll be cheering you on tomorrow. Best of luck to the rest of the English squad too.
Love Jessica Grant x

All the best Heidi and Ryan. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you win. You deserve to do well. Good luck to everyone in the English squad too.
Anita, Kevin and Jessica Grant x

We think you are all wonderfully brave and hard working! Special good wishes for Alice 'I an SO nervous' Goudie from all of us in Oxford, Manchester and Chelmsford. Go girl, we love you - try and imagine Auntie May out there on the mat if you find yourself stressed. Love you loads... see you next wee.
Love Mum, Dad, Amy, Grandma and Grandad xxx

Well done to everyone who competed today. Good luck to Tom Hickman for tomorrow and also to the rest of the squad.
From everyone at PC Karate Academy / United Styles Association xxx

Hi Jasmine, Your mum has been telling us all about your adventure's in Serbia! I wish you all the luck-just do your best, and enjoy!!! Best wishes.
Cheri (your mum's work friend!) xx

Hi Lauren, hope you are ok - hope you had a good birthday. Good luck for tomorrow - remember FOCUS BODY MIND TALK. You can do it! Remember your anchor word! Best wishes.

Wishing the England Team every success at the Competition.
The Crolys

Well done Aimee for winning Silver. Absolutely brilliant xxxx
Love the Tayor-Simpsons

Well done to Aimee - Silver Medalist - proud of you!
Love Edward, Nan & Grandad xxxxxxx

Good luck to the finalists Aimee, Jerome and Jamaal. Thank you for the people behind the scenes keeping us updated back home. Appreciate it.
Leonie Kersey

To Connor Chatfield, Nan and Grandad Chat send you lots of love and good luck from Tenerife and say they are very proud and hope you're having a great time. xxxxxxxxxx
Nan & Grandad

Good luck Connor, hope it goes well for you & the rest of the team. All the best.
Chris, Joseph, Alex & Katie

Just wanted to wish the England Squad Good Luck especially Josh, Jake and Lauren. We are so proud of you...
Love the Swain#s and all at Sale Dojo.

Best of luck to Lauren, we are all proud of what you have achieved so far. Enjoy yourself out there and go get 'em girl!!
Rob, Jo, Harrison and Maisie xx

Come on England squuad let's have a smashing start. Good luck Charlotte and Jazz, go get them girls.
All Us Crawfords.

Gud luk my low crawford, love you lots from your
Kaney xoxo 8)

Lauren Crawford... Good luck Saturday are larl bumble bee, go out there n sting more than you ever have before and enjoy every moment xx
Love Mam n Dad

Hi everyone, Good luck to all the team especially Lauren Tutty and Jake Kiernan. Jake, good luck champ - we know you can do it!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon., hopefully with a medal (No pressure). We love you kid, take care. Enjoy it all and come home safe.
Love Mum, Dad & Azza

Lauren Crawford, good luck for the competition . You go and win that medal.
Love from grandma, Grandad, Kane, Clover, Cash and Susie

Bert, good luck for today. Be positive and you'll have no problems.
Steve (Dad's mate)

Robert, Very best of British Luck to you in the competition. GO GET EM
Keith (Your Dad's mate)

Good luck Lauren!!! You're already a winner just by being there. A medal would be a bonus.
Love from the Satures xx

Hi Lauren (T)
Good luck our superstar, we are soooo proud of you thinking of you all our love.
Grandma & Grandad xxxxxx

Good luck to you all - especially Lauren Tutty - we are sending you all of our best wishes.
Love Louise Pickens and family xxx

Good luck to Heidi & Ryan Jay. I'm very proud of you for all your hard work and dedication... Now let's put that hard work into practice and go get your medals. Also good luck to the rest of the team, believe in yourselves...
Leonie Kersey and everyone at Evolution Karate Academy

Hi Robert
Good luck for tomorrow we will all be thinking of you - you can do it. Lots of love.
Donna, Ian, Daniel & Steven xxxxxxx

Hi Lauren and the whole Squad
Good luck and best wishes from sunny Florida, we know you will do an amazing job!!
Rachael, Ed, Elliot and Becky Ellis.

Good luck Robert Camp and the rest of the England Junior Squad. Robert I am super proud of you and know you will do great. All the best.
Auntie Emma

Dearest Lauren and the rest of the England squad! All the best of luck. We love you Lauren. Lots of love.
Stuart and Meera xxxxx

Good luck to the England Junior team in Serbia and Robert Camp. I know you will do great, am very proud of you Robert.
Love Grandad Peter

Hi Lauren, hope you're okay and enjoying being in Serbia, just wanted to say a huge GOOD LUCK for your competition tomorrow, we're proud of you and love you loads.
Katrina, Brad, James, Michael, Olivia and Chloe xxxxxx

Hi Lauren, we are all thinking of you, just do your best tomorrow good luck, love you sooo much and proud of you.
Nana and Grandad x x x x x

Hi Lauren, just want to say we're all thinking of you - you have trained so hard for this so enjoy and good luck! Love you loads and loads.
Auntie Carla, Uncle Warren and Cousin Jayden xxx

Robert, Good luck in the Championships. Proud of you.
Grandad P

To Connor Chatfield and all of your team mates good luck for the weekend do us and yourself proud. Lot of love.
Auntie Carrie and Uncle Sharpey, Freddie and Lily-mae. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Lauren, thinking of you & can't wait to see you & all the team tomorrow. Hopefully get to have a minute with you before you compete. LOVE YOU SUPERSTAR.
Mum, Dad & Thomas xxxx

To Lauren Tutty, this is your brother Thomas. Just checking if you are ok ;)
I wish you all my luck for tomorrow. Go out there and do it for yourself and THE TUTTY's lol.

Tell Josh keep his chin up and I will bring him 'the hat' tomorrow lol. I put on your facebook page that I have got you a present and you will like it or at least I hope you will. Wish Jake good luck for tomorrow from me and tell the whole squad I say good luck and do it for ENGLAND! I wish you all my luck so get to bed and be ready for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you love you tons and tons.
Thomas :)

To Lauren, wishing u lots of luck out there hope u av a brill time.
Luv Kel, Mark, Nicole an Kade xxxx

To Connor, all of the competitors from Barking Abbey Ishinryu and the whole EKF team, good luck at the European Championships!! Bring back some medals. Thanks to the coaches for their support of the team and all their time and hard work.
Russel, Louise and Harry Chatfield.

Good luck to Lauren Tutty and all her team mates in Serbia, looking forward to seeing ALL the GOLD medals when you get back home. Lots of love.

Robert, all the best for your fight tomorrow. I won't bother wishing you luck cause you don't need luck mate!! Just do it for yourself!!

HAVE IT!!!!!
Cliff Potter (your Dad's mate from work)

Just to say a massive goo dluck to all of the team in Serbia. Have a fantastic trip! Special good luck to Alice - am so proud of you! Remember to enjoy yourself. Can't wait to see you when you get back. Lots of Love.
Amy xxxx

Good luck Nuri competing in the Female Kata 16-17 years. We will be thinking of you and hoping that you do well. Stay focused! Best wishes.
Lisa, Neil, Dom & Nath xxxx

Go -- Aimee get your DREAM, Alex just show Europe what you can do - Edward is waiting for those GOLDS. Good luck to everyone in the squad we are all proud of you back home. We will be waiting for the results.
Love Edward, Nan & Grumps - PS, keep watching on your Mum & Dad.

Good luck Alex and Aimee.
Love the Taylor-Simpsons xx

Good luck to all the members of the England team in Serbia, especially all those from Barking Abbey Ishinryu.
Love and best wishes to you all.
Jay, Claire, Dahni and Lilli Maisuria xx

Dearest Jasmine,
We hope you can feel our support from afar! Good luck!
All our love.
Grandpa & Kitty

Hi Jaz, good luck to you and all of the team. We're all very proud of you, knock 'em dead!

Hope to see you soon.
Love Maggie, Jason & Shannon

Jazz... So proud of you and everything you have achieved - go get 'em girl - be like the unicorn remember - mysterious, powerful, beautiful and never defeated. Good luck sweetheart and good luck to all the squad, thinking or you all. Really enjoy seeing the website updates.
Love Mum xxx

Go for it kiddo !!! Best of luck to you and the squad. Loadsa love.
Auntie Gill and Uncle Pete. xxxx

Good Luck to the whole EKF team out in Serbia, thinking of you all - bring home the medals. With best wishes.
Gerry & Jan Rochford (Lauren Tutty's grandpaernts)

To Connor and all of your team mates. Wishing you all every success this coming weekend. Be proud of what you have achieved so far and be positive going forward.
Brian Chatfield

Hello Cup Cake (Charlotte Wastell)
Thinking of you loads and wishing you every success for this Friday, looking forward to seeing you home. Lots of love.
Aunty Jean xxxx

Robert Camp, the Thompsons hope you do well in Euro Champs. Good luck to all the members of the England team in Serbia bring home gold boys and girls.

Message of support to the team competing in Serbia this week, especially to our Grandson Robert Camp. Please send him our love and best wishes on this, his debut competition. May he and the team do well and come home safe with loads of trophies.
Ron & Wendy Pratt

Wishing you all the best specially Rob, Jack, Alfie and Jamaal.
Tianee Harvey and Family

Wishing all the England Team all the very best. We will be there to support you very soon. Special wishes to our little champ, Charlotte (I know she will kill me!!). You go girl!
Love from very proud Mum and Dad.
Mum and Dad Wastell xx

Wishing the whole squad GOOD LUCK!!! Was great seeing you off at Heathrow! GOOD LUCK to my son Alfie Ambrose and the rest of the Uechi Boys, Jack, Rob & Jamaal. You so so deserve to be there guys.. your dedication and constant training and seeing you all improve has been a real eye opener of what a difference commitment makes. So proud of you all! Many Thanks to all our coaches and England staff for the help and support you give to each athlete!! See you soon.. Uechi lot will be the ones with the biggest flag!! COME ON ENGLAND. Loads a love.
Mum, Mark & Fay xxx

Good luck to Charlotte and all the crew you go team !!
Chris Miller

Good luck to Alex and Aimee and to all those competing.
Kerry & Colin

Wishing Lauren Crawford Happy 16th Birthday and good luck in Serbia.
Dawes family in Cumbria

Happy birthday Lauren and good luck!!
Lots of love.
Karen and Jodan

Tom, after all the odds you actually made it. Keep your head up and do what you do best - fight!. So proud of you as always.
Mon, Dad and the bros xxxx

Tom - We are all so proud of all you do, once again you are living your dream. All the luck in the world, but you don't need it because you are so talented. Believe in yourself, lots of love.
The Knights

Hi Lauren,
Your mam gave Sarah this email to wish you good luck on and she gave it to me :) I hope you're having a great birthday and I hope you do really well in the competition. Good luck.

Good luck to Lauren, Jake, Josh from Sale Dojo. Bring back the medals you deserve. Also good luck to the rest of the England squad.
Graham, Lynn, Kelly, Niamh.

Hey Lauren,
Sarah here, just a message to say good luck!

Firstly I would like to wish the whole EKF Jnr squad good luck in the European Championships... You have all worked sooo hard and deserve to be there you have done your Coaches and Parents proud just by committing... Hrs of travel and training have got you where you are today and you should all be very proud of yourselves

Secondly I would like to CONGRATULATE my Son Robert Camp for making the team and let him know how Proud a mum I am and Dad and Sister are too, and wish him all the best for he's 1st fight on Friday as part of the England team... We are behind you all the way and wish you the best of luck in what you drive to achieve and WIN!!!!

Thirdly to the other Uechi BOYS!! You have done us coaches all proud and GOOD LUCK!! Go Get em England!!!
European Champions ENGLAND ARE!!!!!!!!!
Love Carol, Richard and Ashlie-Rose Camp xxxx

Good luck to Jack Lowe, Rob Camp, Alfie Ambrose and Jamaal Otto and the rest of the team. Hope you all do your best and make us proud.
Best wishes from Kirstie Reid and Karen.

Hi Lauren,
Good luck and Happy Sweet Sixteen. Xx Hope you make it one for them to remember!
Lots of Love
Aunty Amanda, Paul and not forgetting Kiera (not that she would let me lol) xxx

Good Luck to the squad out in Serbia.
JOHN DUNDAS, Glasgow (PS watch out for photos on facebook "Karate Scotland"}

Good luck to everyone in Serbia let's get loads of medals.

Hi Lauren hope you a re having a great time & remember cherish every moment and make sure you're taking plenty of pictures, we cant wait to hear all about it. I'll try not to embarrass you too much but we really are sooo proud of you. A year ago I was writing messages congratulating the team still hard to believe that this time round our daughter is a part of the team & we won't have to wait on the website for updates because we will have the honour of being there to cheer you & all the England Karate Team on. So come on Lauren & Team make all us parents & supporters even more proud and lets bring those medals home. LETS GO ENGLAND LETS GO............
All our love & support Mum, Dad & Thomas xxx

The board of the EKF wish the Junior Squad every success at the Junior European Championships.
EKF Board

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