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England Karate Squad

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Messages of Support

Well done to all of you, enjoy your remaining time in Turkey and safe journey home. See you all Sunday.
Gerry & Jan Rochford

Well done to everyone in the squad so far and good luck to the fighters for Friday especially Aaron (: Enjoy it!!
Let's go England!
From the Wastells xxx

So pleased you are all enjoying yourselves and good luck to you all, bring home some medals!!
Gerry & Jan Rochford (Lauren's grandma and grandad) xx

Looks & sounds like you are all being treated like V.I.P's, just want to wish you all good luck, especially Lauren, Hannah, Aimee & Jessica who all compete tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how you all got on. Good luck England Girls.
Debbie, Tony & Thomas (back home in the glorious sunshine!!!) xxx

Wishing the England girls n boys good luck. Come on England xxx
Carol and Robert Camp

Good luck everyone, especially Callum 'The Flash' Holmes for his first international trip with the squad. Everyone in Shindo Kai sends their best wishes and all the luck in the world to you all. Osu!!
Sensei John & Jed Tuman

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