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Referees News 2017

Posted 27th February 2017
Chief Referees Report: European Junior Championships in Sofia February 2017

At the recent European Junior championships in Sofia the English Referees dept. was represented by the following Referees left to right in the photo.

Nigel Blood, Gary Hoyle, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Brian Jarvis, Paul Gunn

Nigel Blood, Gary Hoyle, Tony Dent, Dale Gamble, Brian Jarvis, Paul Gunn

On arrival we attended the Referees briefing, at which point I was told I would be a Area Tatami Manager at the championships, which would involve using the new referees computer selection system. There was 3 main items discussed at the meeting the "new Senshu rule and position, the Muboi rule for 17yrs and under and the scoring rule for Judges, these will of course be implemented on the referees courses through out the year. There was a speech by The President of the WKF out lining the premier leagues and what was required in order to attend, and what was expected of referees, he also said there would be major changes in the judgement of Kata later in the year.

The championship went well for all concerned with Tony Dent and Gary Hoyle getting a Kata final each and then myself being selected for 9 various Kumite and kata finals, giving the English referees 11 finals in total. Getting finals is not random, these are based on qualifications, hard work, good reports, and high standards throughout the 3 days of the championships. Again another championship with long days, but the referees acquitted themselves and stayed from the beginning to the end on all days.

It was good to see from my view point on the tatami I was on, good England competitor performances and also gaining medals.

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee

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