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Referees News 2014

Posted 15th December 2014
Message from the Chief Referee, Dale Gamble

Registration is open for the kyu grades, closing the 18th January

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work and your personal financial investment in 2014. Attendances were up at all courses and championships, and especially at the British Championships, where the English support is well noted and appreciated.

A special mention must also go to Peter Bibby for all his hard work as the secretary for the EKF/ BKF referees dept. and Tony Dent who attends all the courses each year. Great effort Guys!! and to the other commission members , who"s work can be unseen sometimes.

Once again we had successful candidates passing European qualifications [and retaining], to help maintain Englands standing in Europe.

You will also note that on the commissions list that Billy Brennan"s title has changed , and I hope this new role will push Englands credentials even further at European and World level.

As you all know the WKF competition rules change next year, and will be implemented as soon as possible, at the kyu grades, and worked on over the 2 courses before the nationals.

Myself, Billy, Brian Noble, and Paul Gunn will be going out to the Paris premier league, the friday/saturday prior to the kyu grades, so we get the full low down on the changes etc., so they can be passed directly onto yourselves.

Also you will note that the international open that keeps getting mentioned by myself "is not on the list of events", plans are still in the pipeline, so as soon as I get any information I will let you know.

I can feel more of a team factor , but also with everyone striving for there individual goals in mind.

So have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Dale Gamble
EKF/BKF Chief Referee Chairman

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