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Referees News 2013

Posted 14th February 2012
Chief Referee's Report from the European Junior Championships Konya, Turkey

In attendance Dale Gamble, Brian Jarvis.

After a full days travel, plenty of queus etc., at Istanbul airport, we eventually arrived at Konya Airport (probably one the smallest in the world) where we were transferred to our hotel on the Wednesday night. Having had a good night's sleep, the next day we went to the referees briefing that afternoon.

The new kata rules were explained and the deployment of the referees was announced and shown on the screen for the tatamis.

At first I could not find my name, then realised that my name was not on the list because I had been chosen to be a assistant tatami chief for the weekend and also on the appeals jury. Brian was to be deployed on area 3. That night the referees were taken out for a meal by the Turkish karate federation, where we were met by our president Carl Lindley, and along with the Irish referee Michael Hogan and the 2 Scottish referees Rab McQueen, Andrew Simpson and Jason Ashcroft from Wales. We had a pleasant evening meal.

Chief Referee's Report from the European Junior Championships Konya, Turkey

Day 1
Next Day on with the competition. This was classed as Brian"s 1st European event , even though he passed in Moscow last year in kata and kumite , he need needed to ratify his qualifications in order to take more exams later on in the year. He acquitted himself well on all the 3 days. I was to be working with Robert Hamara and Jaap Smaal for the 3 days, and soon was led into a baptism of fire, but soon got the hang of things. That night I refereed a final and judged on 2 other finals. It was great to watch England get 2 gold medals in the kata...fantastic!!

Day 2
No particular problems, and as you can see from the photo of me and brian we did a bit of table officiating, "it"s not all glamour and finals".

Chief Referee's Report from the European Junior Championships Konya, Turkey

Day 3
it was very busy and there were some good fights, it was great to see England competitors doing so well!!

Congratulations to Jon Mottram on your amazing achievement from the Referees dept.

Day 4
Trip home...again queus, this time running for connections..but arrived home safely. Phew!!

Dale Gamble
Chief referee

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