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Referees News 2015

Posted 12th March 2015
Chief Referee's Message re National Championships 2015

Please click here for a list of expiry dates for tatami coaches accreditation's, also note that the accreditation lasts for 3 years and not 2 years.  All accreditation courses are held at referees courses and dates are published on the EKF web site.  The dates on the expiry accreditation lists will be adhered to, with no exceptions.

I have been informed that at this years National Championships will have a different format, only WKF sections with 12/13yrs sections as well, with only 5 areas, more crowd control, strict checks, and finals on one area on both days.  The new WKF rules will be applied to Kata. All katas must be chosen from the WKF kata list,  kata is judged on  3 major criteria's, conformance, technical performance and athletic performance special note: The use of audible cues or theatrics , such as stamping the feet, slapping the chest, arms or karate gi, inappropriate exhalation [loud breathing noise], will be automatically penalized by the  judges, deducting the total portion of the score for technical performance of the kata  [thus losing one third of the total score of the performance] 12 and 13yr olds will be up on the area at the same time, 14yrs and above as normal WKF rules .

Kumite 12 and 13yrs olds , no contact  to the head , face or neck with either feet or hands, gum shields are compulsory , and also "bue/red, mitts, foot protectors and shin guards are also  compulsory" 14yrs and above WKF rules, with the face mask being optional for 14 yrs and 15yrs olds.

Dale Gamble
EKF chief Referee


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