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41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships, Reports: 05/02/14

Kumite Coach Report Day Three- 05/02/14

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate ChampionshipsAs the competition draws ever closer the athletes become more and more anxious to get going. Today has been a great days training with the emphasis on technique and tactics. As head coach I am particularly proud of the conduct of the athletes who have developed a strong bond between one another, bridging the Kata-Kumite to act as one. Void of individual egos they epitomise the definition of team spirit.

At this stage the sessions are high intensity and low volume to optimise the peaking best performance. Today was competition day which involved some fiercely contested battles and some good performances.

Everybody is in a positive uplifting mood which can only serve to bring the best out of them. Three sessions to the good, Well done.

Willie Thomas – National Kumite Coach

Kata Coach Report Day Three- 05/02/14

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate ChampionshipsAfter two hard days training day three is always tough, the muscles aching, the body and mind are tired but it’s time to push past that feeling and train better than the before. The first session today has been the hardest so far with many repeated rounds but yet again the squad rising to the occasion. It’s normal to feel pressure and nerves this close to the championships with only 2 days to go before Aimee, Abbie and Luke step onto the tatami but they are all coping well and all feel confident. It’s also nice that some of the kumite squad come to watch our training sessions and are supporting the kata squad. Some of the kumite squad brought their course work into the dojo and revised while supporting, now that is impressive. The kata squad is showing their support to the kumite squad also. It’s a great atmosphere when everyone is there for each other and showing that we are one big team ENGLAND.

The second session today went very well, the consistency in everyone and the motivation is starting to show and they really trained with the confidence and belief that they should have at this stage so close to the championships. Chris and Aimee performed all five rounds showing perfection in their techniques. Natalie, Abbie and Luke performed their rounds and they all impressed me very much. The teams worked on their timing and yet again showed great attitude and performed to their best potential.

It was nice to see everyone at dinner talking and getting along, a great team spirit in and out of the dojo.

Great day kata squad, well done.

Jonathan Mottram – National Kata Coach

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