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41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships, Reports: 04/02/14

Kumite Coach Report Day Two – 04/02/14

Day two maintained the intensity of day one. Session one included specific drills to test their focus, reactions and decision making of the athletes. The going got tough as the drills progressed, testing their character and resolve of which is a necessary component when competing at this level.

Session one finished with a squad presentation by Willie Thomas (National Kumite coach) outlining the squads weekly itinerary, also covering tactical strategies of the game and pre-match preparation.

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships

The second session focused on varying the tempo of the fight with a strong tactical element to each drill. The squad responded positively and are keeping focused on the goal this weekend end. The evening ended with our usual team dinner and the squad retiring to complete their training diaries.

Willie Thomas – National Kumite Coach

Kata Coach Report Day Two - 04/02/14

Before the kata squad had their first session today Head Coach Willie Thomas gave a good speech about preparation and pre training to the England karate squad. After this talk the kata squad had their first training session. The two kata teams were very impressive showing true commitment in there training. The male team Connor, Dahni and Numan representing England for the first time as a team and the female team Natalie, Melissa and Abbie who came 5th at the World Championships in Spain, are training to their full potential and showing how good they really are and that hard training IS paying off. The individuals Aimee, Chris and Luke were also on top form with Luke preparing for his first Europeans whilst working two different styles, is working very hard. Chris and Aimee have shown consistent form in both training and competition and this has carried through to today’s training, and they are good senior role models for the kata squad.

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships

Session two, another very hard session where all the kata squad pushed themselves and showed determination and spirit when it gets tough. You need to think strong, to be strong, and they motivated themselves to push more when it gets tough. Natalie and Abbie are doing team and individual so it takes a lot of focus and energy to do both.

EKF Squad at the 41st Junior Cadet & 6th U21s European Karate Championships

We’ll done kata squad for another good days training.

Jonathan Mottram – National Kata Coach

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