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News 2016

Posted 21st January 2016
To: All COACHES Karate 1 – Premier League Paris, January 22‐24, 2016

According to the WKF Coach License Manual uploaded on the WKF website:
http://www.wkf.net/ksport‐rules‐regulations.php, it is an indispensable requirement to have the “WKF ACCREDITED COACH” certification to be registered as a coach in the Karate 1‐ Premier League events.

This requirement was communicated to all NF’s in repeated occasions since June 2014. However and in order to give the opportunity to those Coaches who couldn’t obtain this certification during the World Championships 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, the WKF has decided to postpone the date for the above‐mentioned requirement to enter in force on 15th March 2016 and in order to give the opportunity to the WKF Coaches to get the “WKF ACCREDITED COACH” certification, some Coach Briefings (one per Continent) will be held in the following Karate 1‐Premier League events in 2016; Rotterdam (March) ‐ Dubai (April) ‐ Rabat (May) ‐ Fortaleza (September).

Registration conditions for these WKF Coach Briefings will be published in the relevant Bulletins.

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