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News 2017

Posted 4th December 2017
Mr Fawaz Al-Hasawi has donated the generous sum of £45,000 to the EKF.

To all EKF Members:

Following the interview with the BBC regarding the Monarch Airlines disaster I am pleased to announce that Mr Fawaz Al-Hasawi has donated the generous sum of £45,000 to the EKF for us to refund the cost of the tickets lost from the collapse of Monarch Airlines (£18,000+) and to also cover the cost of the replacement tickets paid for by the EKF (£27,000+).

We will also be refunding the £190 that we asked for to those that paid it before we received this donation. (Debbie will be writing to those concerned to send in their bank details.)

Mr Al-Hasawi saw the first interview on BBC1 and was immediately impressed with the attitude of the young squad members in front of the camera, so much so that he contacted the EKF and offered to make a donation to clear the debt. His generosity is unbelievable and he will always remain in our thoughts for the kindness he has shown.

There are also a few EKF members who helped to make this possible. One is Debbie Sell, who found the details of the BBC’s Chris Slegg in her records from 2012, and contacted him so that he could arrange the first interview and, secondly I have to single out Billy Brennan, who initially placed an article in the East Anglian Times illustrating the problems that had arisen. He then worked tirelessly for four weeks creating a close relationship with Mr Al Hasawi and his staff after contact was made following the first BBC interview. Billy was also responsible for putting together the squads that attended both sessions and was the man in the spotlight when it came to being interviewed.

Finally, I must also mention the squad members who, with their politeness and attitude, impressed everyone who saw the interviews. From the board of the EKF I congratulate all of you who took part representing your country in front of the BBC cameras, and also in Tenerife, plus a special mention to those who medalled and gained places in the top ten.

You, and your parents, can all be extremely proud of the way you have conducted yourselves during this very difficult time.

Mike Billman
EKF President

Mike Billman (EKF President), Mr Fawaz Al-Hasawi & Billy Brennan (EKF Director)
Above left to right: Mike Billman (EKF President), Mr Fawaz Al-Hasawi & Billy Brennan (EKF Director).

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