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6th World Junior & Cadet Championships Morocco 2009 - Results


Please note: Comprehensive results will be published post-event.

November 15th 4th Day of Competition

  • Bronze for Tom Hickman who beat Australia 5-1
  • Girls lost 3rd round 4-1 to Germany in team Kata
  • Boys lost 2nd round Russia 5-0

November 14th 3rd Day of Competition

  • Aimee Sell won first round 5-0 then Lost to Spain then Spain list so no repo
  • Mitchell Roberts had ante then came up against Latvia won 5-0 then Lost 4-1 to Egypt

November 13th - 2nd Day of Competition

  • Jack dixon loses 3rd round to turkey no repechage
  • Emma Lucraft lost to Peru, Peru lost in semi finals so no repechage

November 12th - 1st Day of Competition

  • Carla burkitt lost 1st round to japan on judges decision came back in repechage lost to Scotland
  • Cheyne Phillips just lost the bronze medal to Belarus
  • Rio smith out first round against Spain extra time
  • Ross Mathieu -68kgs - lost in 4th round quater final
  • Gareth Hains -78 lost first rnd to Slovenia no repechage
  • Reisha Hull - lost 2nd China no repechage

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