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6th World Junior & Cadet Championships Morocco 2009 - Messages of Support

Messages of Support

Please send you messages of support to admin@englishkaratefederation.com.

Next week the England Team will take part in the Junior and Cadet World Championships in Morocco. This is where the best prospects for the future of English Karate will challenge the best in the world and will be, for most, the culmination of many years of dedicated training and preparation. On behalf of myself and the EKF Board, I want to wish the competitors good luck at the Championships. I am grateful to the Head Coach, Wayne Otto OBE, the other coaches and officials and all the supporters who will be out there to help them give of their best. The team is looking confident and impressive, and with their spirit and sense of unitiy, I know they will make England proud!

Carl Lindley, President EKF

The World championships represent the pinnacle of sporting karate and this is the largest squad to date attending a WKF championships. The Board of the EKF would like to wish Wayne Otto OBE, his assistants and squad competing in the Junior World Championship all the best wishes and good fortune.
The Board of the EKF

To Zacho Scott. We're all really proud of you, know how disappointed you'll probably feel but you've done great.
What a roll model! Looking forward to having you back.
Well done from Rog, Matt Ben and Dan Prior.

Belated 16th birthday wishes to kate karwacinski and happy 18th to Saule Del Rio what a way to spend your birthdays.
From All of Us.

Well done Rebecka: close result
Ian Hunter

Congratulations to Billy Brennan and Brian Noble our English Referees who participated at these championships. It was a an extremly busy 4 days for both referees, the squad thank you for your participation at these championships and representing your country at the highest level too.

As the EKF Webmaster I want to express my personal and sincere thanks to all of you who have sent in your messages of support for the Squad and your kind words regarding the coverage of this event. Your messages have been both a wonderful link for the Squad with home and have added to the vibrancy of the coverage of this event. One nice thought is that all messages that have appeared here went to Morocco and back before publication!

In equal measure I must also thank Mark and Debbie Sell who have worked tirelessly everyday taking photos, recording videos, writing brilliant reports and then patiently uploading masses of content to end up here. Hidden in that effort is the amount of time taken encoding video for delivery back to the UK and the many text messages sent with results as soon as they were available. Nothing could have been published here without their hard work and determination to ensure a constant stream of quality content.

Even as I sit here at 3.15am the page view counter is still climbing!! I can tell you that our daily page views are 8 times higher than usual - and 'usual' is pretty high! In this last week we have used enough bandwidth to fill 100 CDs and it's not over yet!

For me personally it has been an honour to be the conduit connecting Morocco with everyone at home. I too, like many of you, feel like I have been there all week. And now, like Paris and Tokyo we all have a wonderful archive to look back through from time to time . . . Again, thank you everyone for supporting this event online through your website.
Jel, EKF Webmaster

HI to all the England Squad just want to say well done to each and everyone of you, especially Ryan & Tom... and of course Lauren, Saule & Jake! You have all done so well and hopefully this is the start of much more to come. The Squad Blog was great and it was brill to hear how positive you all were, the photos & videos and all the updates have been invaluable & made us back home feel a part of all that was happening THANKS to the people who made all that possible. Wishing you all a safe return journey & every success in the future.
Debbie, Tony, Lauren & Thomas Tutty, Ken Yu Kai

To Zacho Scott. We're all really proud of you, know how disappointed you'll probably feel but you've done great. What a roll model! Looking forward to having you back.
Well done from Rog, Matt Ben and Dan Prior.

Well done Tommy Hickman from PC Academy!!! Brilliant result.
Well done Rachel, Emma and Aimee for girls team kata !!!!
Sat (Khalsa Karate)

I have got say the information and updates we have been getting back from Morocco have been brilliant well done EKF media team. The team have done us all proud well done. A special well done to Ryan Jay excellent. Also got to say Jake Kiernan you’re a star for what you’ve achieved well done.
Graham, Lynn, Kelly, Niamh Ken Yu Kai

Good luck to the Kata teams go for it you can do it
Debbie & Mark

Have to say first a big thanks for the updates and information being sent through to us at home, has made us left back here almost feel like we are there. Can I just add at first glance the results may not look great, but go onto the results page and look through, we are missing out on going through by the odd point or by the judges choice, the training regime set in place by Sensei Otto and implimented by his regional coaches will pay off, the personal training will take time to fully show its worth, the mentoring from Natalie and team has been first class, we are so far behind in support in England this is the way forward, I just hope EVERYONE in karate gets behind Wayne the management team, offers its full support to our athletes, those who competed here, those in the A squad and those trying to make it to the next level. together they will achiceve great things if allowed, to do what is right and more importantly what is best for these young athletes.

Finally Skeggy we are so proud of you here in England you have such a bright future and are simply one of the nicest kids around fully deserved Mum Dad and Heidi must be so proud, we are.

Good luck to the team kata's tomorrow lets end these championships on a high.
Geoff Hains

The website coverage this year has been outstanding. The thanks for this must go to three dedicated and modest individuals without whom this would not have been possible, Debbie and Mark Sell and my husband, Jel (webmaster). I have to say that Debbie & Mark have been sending through emails, reports (that they have written), texts & videos at times up to as late as 2:30 am and Jel has been surviving on grade 5 coffee to provide 24 hour coverage of this event for the folks back home. They have all done this without payment and off of their own backs. I have read through the thank you posts on the website, as has Jel when he has been adding the messages to the website, and we would like to say that we very much appreciate the comments of thanks, it is nice to know that families and friends back home are visiting the site and finding it informative and useful. Thanks again for your kind words :-)
Liz Legg, British Wadokai Karate-do Federation

Good luck Zach for tomorrow, we'll be thinking about you and keeping our fingers crossed. Loads of people at the clubs asking about you as well as friends and relatives.
Mum, Luke and Beth

WOW Well done RYAN JAY, what a year Gold in Paris & now Silver in Morocco you are awesome.
To Saule, Jake & Lauren we've got everything crossed for you all, so wish we were all there to cheer you on but making do with the great coverage from EKF & WKF - brilliant for all of us at home waiting on news THANKS for excellent coverage. Wishing all the squad good luck today and well done to everyone who has already competed.
Debbie, Tony, Lauren & Thomas Tutty, Sale Dojo, Ken Yu Kai.

Good luck to all the kata team tomorrow and wish all the best to the rest of the squad and keep up the good work!!!!
From kira, khalasa karate xxxx

Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping us all informed about what's happening - really wish we could be with you. Well done Ryan. Wishing everyone good luck especially Jake Kiernan - go get 'em kid!!!! Love yah and missing you loads. Thinking of you all - fingers crossed for today xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mum, Azza, Nanna and Grandad

Well done to all that has competed so far. Although many of you have not achieved the outcome you desired keep your heads, come home and stand tall. Search your soul, review your performance, decide whats to be done, THEN DO IT!! Good luck to the remainder of the competitors as I'm sure you will all do your best. and finally well done Ryan Jay you're a trooper
Willie Thomas EKF Board Member

Congrats to Reisha who has managed to also balance her university studies with training to take her to a world championships. She is a very good fighter, great with her legs and Im sure we will see her succeed in future competitions, well done Reisha from the Brunel team!
Lee C

Fantastic Ryan well done on getting to the final! Congratulations on getting the silver, go back next time and get the Gold! Well done again
Carl, Bethany and Thomas

Go Ryan Go !!!!!!!!!
We are all so proud of you. Good Luck in the FINAL !!!!!
from everyone at Evolution

Just like to say a big well done to ROSS MATHIEU who made it so far in his first World Championships with the English karate team. Although he has fought in a few international competitions he has unfortunately fallen short, however, I've always believed he can go all the way and he proved it in Morocco and will be a fighter to watch out for. He deserves all the credit for fighting in a weight class three "adult weight classes" above himself and has proved himself to be an international competitor. I look forward to seeing him prosper in the senior championships yet to come because he is a very talented and hard working individual and will go far. Pound for pound Ross is one of the best fighters on the squad in my opinion and a role model and inspiration to all those athletes balancing education and training.

As my instructor says "Reach for the stars, if you fall short you land in the stars" Nataniel Peat, Well done Ross.

Good Luck to those who are still to compete and a special shout out to Jay who is a hard working boy and very good fighter! LETS GO ENGLAND, LETS GO!
Lee C

A big thank you to whoever is sending so much information back to the web site, absolutely fantastic job, everyone is informed and can see there own students and kids on the photos, well done and thank you!!

All the squad are learning so much about themselves and competing at international events, we are proud of everyone out there no matter what the results are or what round you got upto, enjoy the experience and think of all the positives you are getting from this trip, chins up everyone, Osu!!
John Tumman; Shindo Kai

lots of good luck zach
from may.steve.and steph

Just wanted to say well done & hard luck to all who competed today. HUGE good luck to Saule, Jake & Lauren from Ken Yu Kai, we're all thinking if you & willing you on to that all important GOLD!!! Good luck to ALL the squad & we're so proud of you all just being there. Enjoy & cherish every moment.
Love & thoughts Debbie, Tony, Lauren & Thomas Tutty, Sale Dojo, Ken Yu Kai.

Good Luck Tom you can do it!
From Everyone at PC Karate Academy / United Styles Association xxx

Well done cheyne you still rock my Morroccan socks..you have made me so proud, you did really well to get there and DON'T be disapointted i no u will but DON'T! lol.. you have done really well! so well done! chelcie just running around like a fool haha but she fine.. and thanks debbie for sending these messages on :) love you sami, chelcie, nana, grand, and the tesco man who coming between 9 and 11 tomorrow!

Well done for EVERYONE that competed today, and good luck to everyone who is competing on different days.. just like to say I'm so proud of you Cheyne all you work paid off and you did amazing..well done..
we all love you
love sami, chelcie,nana, grand, the dogs, the work men, jamie, auntie sue and len, the bungalow builders, and chelcie's toys! hehe love all of us! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Go Cheyne were routing for you, kick some buttttttttttttt. Good luck to the whole squad.
From Grant & Owen (Meggies)

Just like to say a big good luck for cheyne, he has worked really hard and i know you can do this! what ever you do we are proud..
love nana and grand x x x x

Today is the day Cheyne, just go out there and give it your best shot! Everyone here in Grimsby thinking of you and are wishing you the best of luck! can't wait to see you Monday..
love you sami xxx

Good luck Carla, we are all proud of you and thinking of you, and good luck to all the sqad.
From Auntie Ingrid, Bob, Paul, Stephen and Christopher xxxxx

To Becks (tank) and all the students from Toyakwai , we wish you and all the squad a very successful competition Let’s put the England squad back at the top! Where we deserve to be GOOD LUCK!
From Sean and every one at SD School of Martial Arts and Joe Anderson and all of Toyakwai

Hi Gareth ,
Got my fingers crossed for you,hope all goes well I wish you and all the England team good luck and a fantastic championships,
Best wishes, Becky Blissitt x

Hope you are all having a great time really rooting for you all bring back loads of medals speak to you all soon, Alex you better bring me something back mate!!!!!!!!
Liam Conroy, Tyne and Wear Ishinryu

Very best of luck to the squad of 2009 especially my grandson Jake langley. give it your all & enjoy the experience
love from Granny & Paul xx

I would love to say good luck to cheyne for tomorrow, im so proud of you, just get past that first round and win anyone in your way..
i love you love sami and chelcie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good luck to Carla and the rest of the squad.
Love from Mum, Dad, Dale and Codyxxxx

Good luck to all the Squad and a big thank you to the Coaches and staff at the EKF. Also the blog and photographs on the website are great to see and we look forward everyday to the updates.
From Steve and everyone at NWKA

Mitchell, Thumbs up. Do your best.
From Uncle Cyril the Squirrel

Go kick ass Rio and BBB make us proud we know you!!!
Loads of hugs
Marianne and DANID XXX

Gold medals don’t make champions – hard work does! You’ve done the work…now go out claim the prize. All the best to all the squad. We’re all behind you. Do us proud.
Gavin Foster, East Durham Ishinryu, and all at the EKF North East kumite classes

We would like to wish Cheyne Phillips all the best in Morocco, Good Luck and remember to use that left foot of yours.
Love from Jane and Stevexx

Good luck Alex, Aimee and the rest of the England squad.
Leigh, John Lucy & Sophie Simpson

We would like to wish every single individual,team and coaches participating in this Junior Worlds the very best of luck and every success. Especially our friends, Rachel Newey,Rio Smith,Gareth Hains,Alex Gardener and everyone else who we have trained with!
You can all do it-we are thinking of you!
The Parris Family Khalsa Karate

Good luck guys
From Andrew and Helen aka Applephoto.

Good Luck Gareth!!
Smash up the gaff sweet art!!
Love Nina x

To all the squad members good luck this weekend!!! Representing Khalsa Karate is our very own Rachel Newey, and we all at Khalsa Karate are very proud that she is representing England at the World Championships. Good Luck Rachel!!
Sensei Sat and all at KKC.

Glad you all arrived safely. Just wanted to Wish you all good luck, Mitchell OSTMA are very proud of you. Have fun and bring back lot's of medals. Let's go England let's go !!!!!!
Michelle , Dave, Bethany and all the OSTMA squad

Good luck to Jake, Lauren and Saul from Sale Dojo – May the force be with you!
From Graham, Lynn,Kelly and Niamh XXX

To Sensei Wayne Otto, assistant coaches and all the England Squad, wishing you all the very best at the Junior and Cadet World Championships!!!!
Khalsa Karate

I wish the squad good hunting!!!
Shane Balmer

Go get them ‘Headlock’. Stay focused, go for it and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Good luck to the rest of the England squad....make us proud!!
All our love Mum, Dad & Hollie.

Good luck to Alex Gardner and all the squad out there in Morocco. ''Winners never quit, Quitters never win'' Osu!!!!
From all your friends at the Barnsley Karate Centre

Wishing you all the best.
Steve and Annmarie.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to Alex Sell and all the squad
Richard Burridge and Shuhari Kai Karate Club/SKDI Association

Wishing the best of luck to Gareth and Rio......We are counting you two back at NM.....
Best wishes Circles

We would like to say good luck to Cheyne Phillips in Morrocco, we know you can do this!! have a good time and I'll see you when you get back! C'mon you +78 hehe
Love from John, Alison, Sami and chelcie.. we love you!

Good Luck Gareth!!!
And ALL the english team, Team G.B kick ass!!
From Lauryn, mum and my brother Liam

Good luck to the young england team from everyone at the Fight Unit and Olympik Dream.
Paul Newby and Craig Burke

Good Luck Gareth!!!

And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon England’s mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God
On England’s pleasant pastures seen!
And did the countenance divine
Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
And was Jerusalem builded here,
Among these dark satanic mills?
Bring me my Bow of burning gold:
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!
Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.
Lets go England lets go!
Good luck to the whole squad we are all so very proud and our sincere thanks to Mr Otto and his team for their guidance and support to the guys and girls or the 2009 squad.
Geoff Hains

I would like to say good luck to everyone, especially Gareth Hains as he is a very good friend of mine!! Wish you all the very best and I’ll speak to you when you get home Gareth!!
Rachael Holmes xxxx

Gareth & Rio - Best of luck to you and your teammates as you challenge the world. I have complete faith in both of you and know that all the training, work and focus will pay off for you. Fight well, enjoy and take some time to breath in all that is around you. Things move on swiftly and you need to enjoy the moments as they come.

All the best,

Hey Gareth, Just want to wish you ALL THE BEST OF LUCK for this competition! You will do fine, Go out and KICK ASS,....LITERALLY!!
Love Lola. xxx

Good luck all
Steve Arnold

Good Luck to everyone who is taking part in the World Championships in Morocco, Everyone from Halifax Sport Karate is 120% behind you, and believe you are all extremely well prepared and able to bring back lots of Gold
Medals! It was a pleasure to have you all training at our Dojo for pre training. Just remember: "Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them -- a desire, a dream, a
-- Muhammad Ali

Good Luck once again
Matthew & Shelley

Halifax Sport KarateWow, World Championships? This is such a big deal! Good luck, and I am sure you will do wonderfully :)
From Erika

Good luck to Alex, Aimee Sell & the Whole England Team going out to the world championships om Monday. Do YOUR best and enjoy it as you have all worked so hard to get there.We will be watching the web site for news.
The Sells Grandparents

We would like to wish all taking part in Morocco good luck, we hope you bring back lots of medals!!!
We will be checking the updates on the site daily.
Best wishes, Lisa, Neil, Dominic and Nathan Wyness - Elkai / Higashi.

Good Luck to all the team, you have all worked really hard to achieve your goals, Also a special mention to Sensei Cheyne Phillips bring us a medal back!!!
From all your students, Sami and parents at Fix n Kiks/ Disability Active

Good luck to all those competing for England at the worlds, Many off you will go on to be England legends and your journey starts here, Train hard and fight hard and let you dreams become reality. YOU CAN DO IT.
From Michael Day, Former England international. 

To Alex and Aimee Sell - Good luck
from your Aussie relatives

Good Luck to all the squad and coaching staff particularly to Chloe Cooper who I know has worked so hard for her chance to represent her country once again.Bring it on and bring home those medals.
Colin Brooks

Best wishes to the team members representing England in Rabat, Morocco. Compete hard and fare and show the world you're no longer cubs but lions! Sincere thanks to Mr. Otto and coaching staff for your continued and focused efforts, and to the grass roots instructors and parents. Your combined effort, encouragement and support is inspirational. Good luck to all,
Brian Jarvis, President, Karate-do Shito-kai England

Good luck to all the squad members who are traveling to the WKF world junior karate championships. The work this young squad has put in over the last 3 months has been unbelievable. The coaching squad from both the Kumite and Kata side, regional coaches and the national coach Sensei Wayne Otto have done a fantastic job motivating, mentoring and guiding our young lions. Go do England proud everyone, we all believe in you, OSU!!!
Sensei Ged & John Tumman & all the students in Shindo Kai

KO Karate would like to whish everyone the very best of luck in Rabat & look forword to seeing the medals table full of English GOLD.
All the best
Kev & Paul Royston

We wish all the squad going to Morocco next week, good luck, we know you have worked really hard for this. Also to Wayne and his coaches, fantastic job.
From Tony Smith, Chikara (UK)
EKF Marketing and Sponsorship

To the Squad and all involved. We wish all the squad and everybody involved all the best. Good look Bring home some trophies.
Sensei D Grice S.S.K.E.

We wish all the squad going to Morocco next week, good luck, we know you have worked really hard for this. Also to Wayne and his coaches, fantastic job. Also a special mention to Jonathan and to the two new kata teams, you looked very impressive in training, good luck.
See you in Morocco!
From Jane and John De Bono, Chief Instructor NLSK, EKF Director

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