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6th World Junior & Cadet Championships Morocco 2009 Coach's Report

Now that I have time to relax and reflect on what has transpired, I am in fact encouraged by what has taken place in spite of the lack of medals the national team have achieved. The athletes we took to this championships were without doubt the best athletes in the country and as such after a rigorous selection process deserved there place at these championships. Once the athletes were selected each athlete was assigned a coach in order to facilitate there training leading up to the championships and as a result, this squad of athletes were by far the most physically prepared group of athletes I have ever worked with at this level. Each athlete came to the pre training in Halifax fit and ready to work, and work they did.

The results at the championships however did not reflect the time energy and work put into this squad, and after the first day it became apparent that although we may have been the best physically prepared, costly errors in some of the athletes bouts were made which affected their results. Throughout the weekend of the tournament there were some athletes that obviously did not perform to their best, but in fact there were some very good performances and as a result some of the athletes did exceeded expectation.

As was mentioned previously I am very much encouraged we gained 2 medals from this championships, 2 athletes finishing 4th and another 5 athletes finishing within the top 8 in the world. I believe the system we put in place for these athletes was correct, their preparation for these championships was very good and generally the moral and atmosphere within the squad was outstanding. We do have some work to do in order to climb up higher on the medals table but I believe not only do we have the staff and athletes to achieve this but there is genuine desire on the squad to achieve.

I would like to thank all  the athletes for their hard work, however now is not the time to rest, but in fact to push forward and train even harder.  I thank all of the coaches Ian, Greg, Jonathan and Natalie Williams for their excellent coaching, Mo for his medical support, and Mrs Debbie Sell for organising such a smooth trip and ensuring we all got back home safely. I thank the EKF and Mr Ticky Donovan OBE for their support, and the family and friends of the athletes that came out to Morocco to support us.

Wayne Otto OBE
EKF England National Coach

Overall a good championships with some excellent results from England.

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