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List of Members

Association Initials Website Clubs
Academy Karate Goju Ryu Association AKGR www.academyforkarate.org.uk View Clubs
Academy of Shotokan Karate ASK www.academyofshotokankarate.com  
Amateur Shotokan Karate Association ASKA   View Clubs
Associated Karate Schools AKS www.karateschools.co.uk View Clubs
Association of Shotokan Karate Clubs   www.associationshotokankarate.co.uk View Clubs
British All Styles Karate Association (GW) BASKA(GW)    
British All Styles Karate Association (MD) BASKA (MD)   View Clubs
British Combat Karate Association BCKA www.britishcombatkarate.co.uk View Clubs
British Institute of Karate Organisations BIKO www.bik.org.uk View Clubs
British Karate Academy (LM) BKA (LM) britishkarate.wordpress.com  
British Karate Association BKA www.britishkarateassociation.co.uk View Clubs
British Karate Chojinkai BKC www.chojinkai.com View Clubs
British Martial Arts Karate Group BMAKG www.bmakg.blogspot.com View Clubs
British Shotokan Kyogi BSK www.britishshotokankyogi.co.uk  
British Traditional Karate Association BTKA www.washinkai.co.uk View Clubs
British Wado Ryu Karate Union BWKU www.bwku.co.uk View Clubs
Bushido Ryu Association BRA www.bushidoryu.org View Clubs
Chiltern Karate Association CKA www.chilternkarate.co.uk View Clubs
Colchester Essex Shotokan Karate Association CESKA www.colchestershotokankarate.com  
Dokan Gudo Nishijima Karate   www.dokan.co.uk View Clubs
Engan Karate Nansei Association EKN   View Clubs
England Karate Do Federation EKDF   View Clubs
English Contact Karate Association ECKA www.ecka.co.uk  
English Korean Karate Association EKKA   View Clubs
England Seikokai Karate Association ESKA    
English Wado Federation EWF www.englishwadofederation.co.uk  
Federation of Shotokan Karate FSK www.fsk-karate.com View Clubs
Frontier Karate Association FKA www.frontierkarateassociation.com View Clubs
Fudoshin Karate Kai FKK www.fkk88.co.uk View Clubs
Genbukai Shito-ryu Karate-do International GSKI www.tamesidekarate.com View Clubs
Heighington Bushido Kai Karate-do HBKK www.hbk-karate.co.nr  
Higashi Karate Kai HKK www.higashi.org.uk View Clubs
Horan Karate Association   www.tkskarate.co.uk View Clubs
Ilford JFA Karate IKC    
Independent Karate Clubs IKC    
Independent Karate Federation IKF www.karatefed.com  
Inner-strength Martial Arts Association ISMAA www.ismaa.co.uk  
International Shotokan Karate ISK www.iskkarate.com View Clubs
Ishinryu Karate Associates IKA www.ishinryu.org View Clubs
JKS England JKS (GB) www.jksengland.com View Clubs
JKA England JKAE www.jka-england.org View Clubs
Jindokai UK      
Kaizen Central Karate Federation KCKF www.kaizencentral.co.uk View Clubs
Kaizen Karate Association KKA-AH www.kaizenmartialarts.org View Clubs
Karate Academy Associates KAA   View Clubs
Karate For All KFA www.karateforall.co.uk View Clubs
Karate Do Federation KDF www.karatedofederation.co.uk View Clubs
Karate Do International KDI www.cyberbudo.com View Clubs
Karate-Do Shitokai England KSE www.shitokaiengland.com View Clubs
Kenagi Academy of Martial Arts KAMA www.kenagi.co.uk View Clubs
Kenshukai Wado-Ryu Karate-Do KWK www.burnham-highbridgekarateclub.org.uk  
KF Wado Ryu KFW www.kfwadoryu.co.uk View Clubs
Khalsa Karate Association KKA www.khalsakarate.com View Clubs
Kicks Martial Arts Centres KMAC www.kicks.org.uk View Clubs
Kombat Federation KF www.kombatkids.com View Clubs
Midland Karate Association MKA-SC www.leicesterkarate.net View Clubs
Midland Shotokan Karate Federation MSKF www.mskf.co.uk  
Mujushin Karate Association MKA www.mujushin.co.uk
Mushin Shotokan Karate Association   www.mushinshotokankarate.co.uk View Clubs
National Karate Association NKA   View Clubs
North London Shotokan Karate NLSK www.nlsk.co.uk View Clubs
Original Shinkukai Karate Association OSKA www.shinkukai-karate.uk View Clubs
Phoenix Karate Organisation PKO    
Premier Karate-Do Wado-Kai   www.premierkaratedowadokai.com  
Ruach Shotokan Karate Association RSKA (RC) www.karate-training.co.uk  
Samuarai Enlighten Mushin Wado Ryu Karate Academy SEMKA www.semka.co.uk View Clubs
Sendo-Ryu Martial Arts Association   www.sendo-ryu.co.uk  
SenshinRyu Karate Association SKA www.senshinryukarate.co.uk View Clubs
Shikukai Karate International SKIF www.shikukai.co.uk View Clubs
Shindo Kai Karate Association SKKA www.shindokai.co.uk View Clubs
Shinrai Karate Do Association SKDA    
Shinseikyu Karate Academy SKASB www.shinseikyukarateacademy.co.uk View Clubs
Shitokai Shitoryu Karate-Do Shushinkai  SSKS www.shushinkai-mids.com View Clubs
Shito-Ryu Karate Do Kofukan SKDK   View Clubs
Shito Ryu Karate Federation of England SKFE www.shitoryuengland.uk View Clubs
Shito-ryu Shukokai Union SSU www.shukokai-uk.com View Clubs
Shitoryu Shukokai Karatedo Association SSKA   View Clubs
SHOTO STKO www.shoto.org View Clubs
Shoujin Karate Kai SKK   View Clubs
Shukokai England SE www.shukokaiengland.co.uk View Clubs
Shukokai Karate Academy   www.shukokaikarateacademy.com View Clubs
Shukokai Karate Federation SKF www.shukokai-skf.com View Clubs
Shushokan Shito-Ryu Karate Organisation SSKO www.shushokan-karate.co.uk  
South East Shotokan Karate Association SSKA  
Southern England Karate Federation SEKF www.freestylecombatkarate.co.uk View Clubs
Sport Karate Academy SKA (DH)    
Taisho-Do Karate TASK www.taishodo.co.uk View Clubs
The Gojuryu Karate Kobudo Club GKKC www.gkarate.com View Clubs
Traditional International Shotokan Karate Association TISKA www.tiska.com  
Tokui Karate Union TKU www.tokuikarateunion.co.uk View Clubs
TYGA Karate England TKE www.tyga-karate-england.org  
Uechi Ryu Karate Association URKA www.uechi-ryu.co.uk View Clubs
United English Karate Federation UEKF www.uekf.net  
United Kingdom All Styles Karate Organisation UKASKO www.ukasko.com  
United Kingdom Seiki Juko Karate Association UKSKO    
United Styles Association USA www.pckarate.net View Clubs
United Styles Karate Federation USKF    
University of Bath Karate UBK www.bathstudent.com  
Veras Academy Karate Association VAKA www.verasacademy.co.uk View Clubs
Wado Academy WA www.wadoacademy.com  
Wado Aiwakai Karate Do Federation WAKF www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk View Clubs
Wado International Karate Do Federation WIKF www.wikf.com View Clubs
Wado Karate Federation WKF www.wadokaratefederation.co.uk View Clubs
Wado Karate Union WKU (TH) www.wadokarateunion.co.uk View Clubs
Wado UK (Independent) WADOUK www.wado-uk.co.uk View Clubs
Western Karate Union WKU www.wku.org.uk View Clubs
World All styles and Kickboxing organisation. GB WAKO-GB (Karate)    
Xcaliber Karate Federation XKF   View Clubs
Yanagai kai YK www.saledojo.co.uk View Clubs
Yamaguchi Goju Kai Karate Association YGKA www.ikga.org.uk  
Yudansha Kobujitsu Karate Do Federation (UK) YKKF www.ykkf.com  
Zanshin Kai Great Britain ZKGB  
Zen-Shin Martial Arts Association ZSMA www.zen-shin.co.uk View Clubs
Total: 113      
Club Initial Website  
Ashin-Do Kai AKK   View Clubs
AS Karate Academy AS-KA www.askarateacademy.co.uk View Clubs
Chester-le-Street JKF Wado-Kai   www.facebook.com/Chestrlestreetwadokai View Clubs
Chineham Karate Club CKC-CLUB www.chinehamkarateclub.co.uk View Clubs
Elitez Karate Academy EKA www.elitezkarate.co.uk View Clubs
Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association (FSKA) London FSKA www.fska-london.co.uk View Clubs
Gakushu Shukokai-Shito Ryu Karate Do   www.gakushu.co.uk  
Horyu HR    
Hakken-Do Karate Club      
Ilford JFI Karate      
Karate Hull      
Leicester Karate Club   www.leicesterkarateclub.co.uk  
Makenki Karate Clubs   www.makarate.co.uk  
Manchester JKF Wadokai MWK www.manchesterjkfwadokai.org View Clubs
Margate Karate Academy   www.margatekarateacademy.com View Clubs
National Academy of Shotokan Karate NASK www.nask.co.uk  
Okinawan Karate School OKS www.okinawankarateschool.co.uk View Clubs
Omoiyari Karate OK www.omoiyarikarate.co.uk  
Portobello Karate Club PKC www.portobellokarate.co.uk View Clubs
RB Karate Academy      
Red Karate   www.red-karate.co.uk  
Shotokan for Kids      
The Shotokai Karate Club     View Clubs
Seishin-Juku Shotokan Karate Clubs SKSKC www.seishin-juku.co.uk View Clubs
Shotokan Karate do Kenkyujo      
Taunton Karate Club TKC www.tauntonkarateclub.co.uk View Clubs
Team Rankine TR www.teamrankine.co.uk View Clubs
Toshi Karate Club TKC-CM www.toshikarateclub.co.uk View Clubs
Traditional Karate-Do Wadokai   www.traditionalkaratedowadokai.co.uk View Clubs
Wado Jitsu Academy     View Clubs
Wadokai Worcester WW-CLUB   View Clubs
Whitley Bay Wado Ryu Karate Club   www.whitleybay-wadoryu-karate.co.uk  
Wivey Karate WK   View Clubs
Zetsurin ZKC    
Zenshin Shotokan Karate Federation ZSKF   View Clubs
Total: 36      

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