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Apply for Association Membership

ALL new applications for membership must be submitted on our “EKF Application Form” which, upon receipt, will be submitted to the board for consideration. Decisions will normally be made within 30 days or receipt of your application.

Benefits that your Association and the members of your Association can enjoy with the EKF

  • Membership and recognition of World, European, British and English Karate Federations
    WKF is the only world Karate federation recognised by the Olympic Committee with the BKF recognised by the British Olympic Committee.
  • Eligibility to many WKF sanctioned International competitions
    Many WKF sanctioned competitions are only available to WKF national federation members, in England this is the EKF.
  • Association Courses advertised on EKF website
    Generate more interest and exposure with a wider audience.
  • Association listing on EKF website
    Recognition of Association member status.
  • Association ‘Find a Club’ listing on EKF website
    Search capability for general public to locate clubs close to their location generating more grass roots participation.
  • Eligibility to enter squad / team into prestigious Junior and Senior English National Championships
    Association enters individuals and teams into national championships.
  • Eligibility to enter squad / team into prestigious Junior and Senior British National Championships
    Association enters individuals and teams into national championships.
  • Access to National Squad programmes
    Open National Squad training sessions held monthly, conducted by Wayne Otto OBE (Kumite) and Jonathan Mottram (Kata).
  • Access to National Satellite Training centres
    Weekly satellite Kumite training sessions with national or assistant national coaches. Centres strategically placed throughout the country.
  • Access to National and International Referee and officials qualification programmes
    Organised by WKF and EKF Chief Referee Dale Gamble.
  • Access to ‘competitive coaching’ courses (learn to coach for competitions)
    Usually run along side the referee programmes.
  • Access to ‘instructor coaching’ programme
    EKF Coaching award programme.
    Recognition of grades and abilities
    Dan Grades recognised by the Governing Body, often a requirement for many council run premises.
  • Access to Dan Grade register
    The EKF’s central register of Dan Grades.
  • Access to Technical Grading panel
    Facility to attain senior Dan Grades where current grading opportunities are restricted, usually for 4th Dan and above.
  • Advice, Guidance and Access to Photography Policy and Child Protection template policies
    Child Protection policies including photo policy strictly adhered to protecting the EKF’s younger members.
  • Advice, Guidance and access to template policies for Risk Management.
  • Personal Accident Insurance worldwide cover
    Competitive rates secured by the EKF and available as an option to individual registration.
  • Instructors Personal Indemnity Insurance
    Competitive rates secured by the EKF and available as an option for all instructors.
  • Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks
    EKF is a registered CRB body and offers CRB checks to registered members.
  • Openness and transparency
    All information available for scrutiny via the EKF website, newsletters, email information, minutes and meetings.
  • Access to membership services.
  • You may also be interested in reading our 'New Members' Pack' which summarises all of the relevant information about the EKF. This will be available again shortly.

Please click the link which will take you through to the online association application and payment fee.

Association membership is £499. If your initial application to join the EKF is rejected then your fee will be refunded less a small fee of £50 for administration costs. Please be advised that there is no refund of your fee if after the 12 month provisionary period you should fail to be given full membership.

If you have any questions prior to application please feel free to contact us at complianceofficer@englishkaratefederation.com - we are more than happy to answer your questions.

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