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50th European Senior Karate Championships, Istanbul, Turkey 19-22 March 2015

09/10/11 1st Day of Training

After breakfast the squad met in the foyer to wait for the coach to take us to the training venue. We didn't have a full 2 hrs in the morning as the bus was unfortunately half an hour overdue. A hot sweaty session ensued with the squad managing to drink 60 bottles of water between them.

The squad stopped for lunch and we managed to find a local restaurant (more water!). Although there was confusion over the sandwiches, most people managed to eat something. It wasn't long before they squad then went back to the training venue to continue fine-tuning their techniques. In between each session Dr Mo kept an eye on squad members weight and advised them how much fluid to take in.

The squad then left for the hotel for the evening meal. Tomorrow is an early start for the squad.

09/10/11 1st Day of Training

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