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Messages of support

The board would like to offer Tom Hickman their congratulations on becoming the EKF's first WORLD CHAMPION, very well done. We also wish to extend our congratulations to Charlotte Wastell on also becoming a WORLD CHAMPION, very well done. The board also wishes to thank all the Squad, the Coaches, Officials and Supporters for their commitment and efforts during the Championships.
Regards, EKF Board

Hi Melissa hope your having a fantastic time! You have done so well to get this far. Good luck in the competition.
Love Karen, Ray, Joe and Francesca Xx

Wishing all the best to charlotte, Jammal and other squad members left to compete tomorrow..........come on England take us out with a bang.
From all us crawfords ;)

WELL DONE TOM! C u soon.
Mike and Stace. Xx

Dear Melissa
We are thinking of you every day - hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself. Best of Luck in the competition - just do your very best. We are very proud of you whatever the results. Love you lots and lots - imagine a big hug from Granddad and Grandma xxx
P.S. Lynn and Tim send their love and best wishes. Good Luck

Hi Lauren
Just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK for your competition today, we love you loads.
Katrina, Brad, James, Michael, Olivia & Chloe xxxxxx

Hi Kira and all the other members of the team, Good luck in the competition, we are rooting for you.
Rob, Rachel, Peter & Tyler Wilson

Good luck with the fight tomorrow morning Josh, we'll all be rooting for you back in Blighty.
Lots of Luv Uncle Guy, Auntie Sarah and of course the girls (they'll be barking for you at that time in the am)

well done tom, we are so proud of you, i said all along you would do it, make the best of it while you are out their, all the family and friends were rooting for you, phone keeps ringing at home, congratulations also go to Paul Campbell of pc karate for all the training and hard work the club have helped with tom.
nan granddad Hickman

Hi. Callum,
Good Luck, words can't express how proud we are of you. Simply the best,
Love you loads, From Grandma, Grandad and Michael.

a massive well done to sophie santillo first england comp winning some fights and ranking 7th in the worlds so very proud
from everyone back here in england!!!!! xxxx

Good Luck Mr Jay..bring home the gold we're all rooting for ya back home!!!
From Poppy :)

Heey melly :D good luck on Sunday, your going to do really well because you’re an amazing little ninja! Miss you soo much shmell and cant wait for youu to come home for sploge to hug youu!!
Love you loads from your best friend Georgie xxxxxxxx

Hope you having an amazing time out there, you got skills mell, good luck and we all love you lots
Jodie, Georgie, Jodannah and Emily xxxxxxx

Hi Mel hope you having a great time, we all missing you. Hope you do well and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Jodannah

Wow what a competition it has been so far... Well Done to Emma on your Bronze and Tom on GOLD... Good Luck Cadets its now your turn to shine... Big thanks to all that have been sending amazing reports home.
Love Carol and Rob Camp

Tom you’re a super star!!!
So proud of you from all at SCKS!!!

For Joe Kellaway and the whole British team. Do your best, enjoy this fantastic experience. We’ll be thinking of you. PS Good luck Wales!!!!
From all of us at Mum’s work (forgot to mention your name last time!!)

Hi Kira
Good Luck whilst you are away. Hope all goes well on Sunday
Blenheim High School

And all the England team. You should all be very proud of your hard work and what you’ve achieved so far. Do your best and enjoy the experience.
From all of us at Mum’s work.

Good Luck Nav and Ki.
love you, Hunny

Hi Melissa
Just wanted to let you know how proud we all are of you and we hope you are having a fantastic time out there. Good luck to you and all the team, go show the world just how talented the England squad is!!! Look forward to hearing all your stories when you come home.
Lots of love Clairey, Dave, Rob & George.

good luck tom Hickman, we are all behind you, bring it home, good luck to all the team.
nan granddad h

May I wish the whole British team the very best of luck in Malaysia, and in particular Josh Farrand who I know has trained so hard for this opportunity to "fight the good fight." We are all very proud of you Josh and hope you are having a brilliant time. Good luck on Saturday and see you soon.
Love Gilly xx

We are all so proud if you , good luck for Friday !!! Go get that gold !!
All the best of luck to all of the England team competing . Xxx
Love Mum and lily xxx

Kira Hope the training is going well, bring on Sunday! you can can do it.
love Diana xx

To my favourite cousin Josh Farrand....
hope ur having an amazing time but training hard. Good Luck and make me proud..(but i am already) Shout out to all ENGLAND TEAM!!!!
Love u lots Lau xx

we would like to wish everyone out in malaysia the best of luck , just do your best guys.
from amelia and stennett harvey

Good luck low low, clover wants goooooooooooold
love Kane

Good Luck Lauren have a good time We know you can win!
From Tyra family and the who of Halifax sport karate!

Would like to wish Lauren Crawford a BIG good luck for tomorrow!!! Your going to do amazing, because you are amazing! Hope your having lots of fun over there... no pressure but we want gold ;) we're already all so proud of you, CHAMP!! COME ON ENGLAND!!!
Love Lucy and everyone from Halifax Sport Karate! xxxxxxxxx

Well done to all the competitors today you have done a great job! All the best for tomorrow let get some more medals please.
Love Kirstie and Karen

Hi Guys
Belief is everything! I am willing you all to the rostrum.
Sensei Greg

Good luck to Lauren Crawford, Kick some ass girl! every one at halifax sport karate know that you can do it! Just try your very best! we love you lots and lots lauren. Good luck to all the england squad too show them what england is really made of.
Love Tiller xxx

Good Luck Josh!! Go and do your best!! Enjoy... Good luck to all competing!! Come on ENGLAND lets hear you ROAR!!!!!!!
love A.Kate xxx

Dear Melissa
I am really proud of you. Have a wonderful time, you deserve it.
Good Luck with lots of love from Nan.xxxxx

Hi Lauren
All the luck in the world for Friday
Love Grandma and granddad

Good luck to all the England team, especially to my team mates, Kira, Melissa, Aimee, Emma, Navin & Kiren. I know you are all in it to win it!!!!!
Love Toni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wishing the All the England squad best of luck, do us all proud.............Let's go England let's go,
from all us Crawfords ;)

hey Bumblelion, give it yours best,
love you lots xxx
'all us crawfords'

Would like to say a massive good luck to Lauren Crawford, Callum Flash Holmes and Chloe Sheldon! I'm sure you will be ace, hope your enjoying the heat as it's freezing over here, make sure you have loads of fun! Lets bring back some medals!;) England team to win! Love from Hannah Crawshaw! Ouusss! xxxxx
Melanie Crawshaw

Good luck, Josh. Wishing you all the very best in your training and the competition. Make it a Win-Win situation!!!
Uncle Bill

Wishing all of the squad, coaches and all of the support team, all the very best of luck. You have all worked so hard to be where you are, win or lose you have achieved what many dream of, give it your best but most of all enjoy the experience of a lifetime GOOD LUCK!
Mark Symonds, Shudokan (midlands).

Good luck at the competition, we know you will put in more than 100% in your effort. You have the will to be the best and we are sure you will achieve that.Go Girl!!!
All our love and best wishes,
Lincoln, Wendy, Connor and Emma.

hi callum so glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. enjoy ever second of each day,you've work hard for this so go get it, we are all so proud of you and the rest of the England squad you will always be my champ good luck love
love from all at home

Melissa. Good luck at the World Championships. You have worked so hard over the years to get to this stage and deserve all the success it brings. Very proud of you.
Sensei Steve and all at Meopham Karate Academy

Hey Ki, Good Luck for the World Games this weekend, i know you'll be brilliant and do everyone proud whatever the outcome. You're a star in everyones eyes..well done for achieving so much and for getting so far.
Lots of Love from, Kate (Stuart!)

LAURENNNN!! good luck kid hope you do apsaloutley amazing!! bet your gutted you can’t zoom around on your larl scooter over there eh las!! have missed seeing you las but i know that your going places kid GOODDDD LUCKKKK!!!

The Cambreys and The O'Briens would all like to wish Aimee and the whole team all the very best in Malaysia.
Love Debs, Alan, Alec, Hannah, Iris, Derry, Kate, Kev, Gill and families xxxxxx

Congratulations KIRA, you have done all the hard work, now do the best you can with your two Pals and enjoy the experience. Wishing you all the luck.
Love from Uncle Colin and Auntie Julie xxx

The last few hrs are upon you before the Biggest Event of your karate careers approaches... Wishing every member of the jnr EKF squad all the Luck in the world as they head out onto the mat and SHOW OFF THEIR SKILLS... ENJOY...
Carol and Robert Camp xx

Good luck to both kieran and navin and the rest of the squad! We'll be thinking about you tomorrow.
Aine, John and Eoin

Just been to shop and everyone's asking after you - The Co-Op LOVE YOU! to Chloe
from home x

Hey Bumblelion, give it your best.....love you lots xxx
Good luck to the England squad, make us proud.........Let's go England Let's go
from all us Crawfords

Would like to say a massive good luck to Lauren Crawford, Callum Flash Holmes and Chloe Sheldon! I'm sure you will be ace, hope your enjoying the heat as it's freezing over here, make sure you have loads of fun! Lets bring back some medals!;) England team to win!
Love from Hannah Crawshaw! Ouusss! xxxxx

Good luck England! Use those LEGS, Chloe!
X Love from Mum x

massive GOODLUCK to stephanie and everybody thats competing tommorow lets go england!!!!
from sophies mum xxx

We would like to wish all the England karate squad the very best of luck over in Malaysia especially Lauren Crawford, Chloe Sheldon & Callum Holmes.
From Crawshaw family xx

Good Luck Aimee.from a old friend of your nans. Good luck to you and all the team

Hi Mel,
Just wanted to say best of luck for Sunday, I’m sure you will be fab. Enjoy the experience of the whole trip and take lots of photos! Looking forward to hearing all about it after half term.
Miss Neale

GOOD LUCK AIMEE-so very proud of you and all you have acheived-now go get your Dream and enjoy the day.Will be watching on Friday.tell Emma good luck for Thursday.
love you NANxxx

Wishing Kira and the England Team the Best of Luck, looking forward to seeing you back home.
Love Nanny Emily & Uncle Steven x

Good luck to Uechi -Ryu, Jack, Alfie, Hannah and Jamaal ,enjoy yourself and have self belief,
from the Harvey`s

Hi Melissa,
Good luck.
From Luke Gatfield

Hey Mel,
Hope all your tournaments goes well and you have loads of fun!!!
Hope you have a good time ! see you soon!!
Chris Norman !

Hi Melissa , its jack whiteley from your form, good luck in your karate
Good luck from jack and Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey mel babe missin u loads hope u do well In mela??? Dnt know the rest :)

To Melissa Williamson
Good luck, have a great time and do your best. Go for gold
From Josh D

Hey beautiful
Hope your having a good time & doing everyone proud! Forms not the same without you
Foxy & Willson & Chesson girls. xxxxxxx

Hellooooooooo Melissaaaaaaa :D
Good Luck in your karate chopping style bashing stuff! :D just make sure England win!!
Jordan Willson :D :D :D :D :D

Just wishing you and the rest of the team the best of luck – you’ll be amazing !!
From Claire, Adam, James & Issie x

A very big thank you to whoever is keeping us back home of all what's going on out there. Your report today was very entertaining, thanks again and keep writing
Jan Rochford - aka Lauren Tutty's Grandma xxxx

Dear Mel,
Good luck and best wishes competing over the coming weeks. Hope you do well and stay strong, you will as always do yourself proud no matter what the results. Look forward to hearing all about the tournament when you return.
Regards, Ant Walmsley, Leader of Learning in PE, Wrotham School

Wishing Tom Hickman of PC Karate best wishes and good luck for the award he is going to get....1st.
From 'lyn Stones

Good Luck Lauren Crawford so proud of you, hope you get the result you want!!!
Love Aunty Amanda, Paul and Kiera xxx

Hi Sophie,
good luck in Malaysia, see you later this month.
Granny Jean xx

We are all very proud of you! Best of luck to you and all the England Team. We will be thinking of you. Best wishes you can do it!
Mrs Sue James, Behaviour Support Officer and former Head of House

Hi Melissa,
Best wishes and good luck in your competition.
Take lots of photos, you could use them in your sculpture project!!
From Mrs Penny, Head of Art, Wrotham School

Hi Melissa
We are all very proud of you here at Wrotham School, good luck we are thinking of you.
Love from Lucy x

Dear Melissa Williamson,
Good luck in your championships, I hope you have a wonderful experience and bring home a medal. Also remember to take some photos, as you can use them for your website that you are making in ICT.
Good luck from Mr Smith

good luck tom for friday we are behind you all the way we know you can do it !!
from donna ste tyler and ben x

Tom - Best of luck to you and all the team from Busted and Lloyd
PC Karate.

Aimee good luck with the Kata
love Leigh John Lucy & Sophie

Good Luck Aimee and Emma and Kata Squad we will be watching you Aimee.
Love Nan and Grandad

Good luck to the England Sqad especially Aimee and Emma in the Kata
love Alex and Edward.

Tom - train hard, fight harder.
Good luck, Mom and Dad x

Just to say loads of luck to the Uechi –Ryu Crew, Jack, Alfie, Hannah and Jamaal..........We are all so, so proud of you , do your best!!, we are thinking of you!!
love, Mel, Geoff and Callum xxxx

Hi Kieran,Just wanted to wish you good luck and we know you will do your best.
Love Nana, Nani,Vishal and Shiam xxx

Good luck - bring home the metal. Special mention to our Ishinryu athletes. Come on England!
Gavin Foster

jade jamie and eloise want to wish sophie santillo good luck and lots of love xxxx
jade jamie and eloise

Best of luck to the England squad, especially Kelly Horsfall, we are so proud of you. Go get 'em girl! lots of love from
Auntie Brenda, Uncle Bob, Dawn & Chris xxx

GOOD LUCK to Kieran and Navin..well you made it to Malaysia boys and we couldn't be more pleased to be cheering you on for the World Games! Hope you're having a good time but also remaining focused for the weekend...you've done us proud already boys...you're the talk of the town! Missing you loads and cant wait to see you next week.
Love from Mum, Daniel, Nin, Livy, Shiam, Nicola, Kimani xxxx

Hi Kira just to let you know we all with you in thought, in this very exciting time for you, even though we are not with you there, we are all very proud of you and wish you lots of good luck and also to the rest of the team.
Diana xxx

Would just like to wish the whole England Squad and coaching staff all the luck in the world but especially Josh Farrand, Josh you have trained and worked so hard for this and we couldn't be more proud of you. Carpe Diem.
Lots of love Mum, Alex and Ted xxxx

Good luck, Sophie!!! We'll be watching!!!!
Lots of love from Nan, Lisa and Uncle Kev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good luck Navin & Kieran. Be strong, focus and live your dream. We are all behind you.
Love mum, dad & family xx

We are very proud of you Sweetheart.Good luck in your matches.
Love Granpa Santillo XXX

Good luck navin, wishing you all the support from all us and we are all behind you 100% .lot love
Dinesh bapa n premila baa and family

Hi Guys, Wishing you the very best of luck.
Lots of love, Annie, Caitlin & Edel. XX

Good luck Sophie Santillo hope your having a great time out there wish you and the England squad the best of luck love
from Kim Roy Liam and Family XXX

Dear Melissa,
Sending you all the best wishes possible - hoping you are having a fantastic time and that all goes well for you and the team.
Lots of love honey,
Auntie Julie, Uncle Martin, Hannah & Rebecca xx

Good luck to the England squad:) Especially Sophie, I'm so proud of you,you're an inspiration to me xoxoxo
Lots of love from Fran Hardcastle:)

Wishing everyone in the England squad good luck in Malaysia especially our own Sophie Santillo who we are so very proud of. Sophie you have worked incredibly hard, be confident and positive, we have every faith in you and know you can do it.
Love from the Hardcastle family xxxx

Best of luck to Sophie Santillo backing you all the way. Hope your training is going well
love sam tom tj and alicia xxxx

Hiya Lauren Tutty...so proud of you..just do your best. Best of luck and best wishes to you all.
luv grandad xxx.

Good luck to the whole England squad, special wishes to my little sister Kira and the Female Kata Team, I know that you will be amazing, as you all have trained sooo hard!!!!!!
Love Elle xxx

Willie and the team hope you have a fantastic championships and I hope to see lots of medals at our next training session.
Uechi fighters Alfie,Jack, Hannah and Jaamal fight well good luck to you all
Best Wishes Kirstie Reid and Karen Mason

Best of luck to Navin and Kieran, show them who the bossmen are. Jheez.
From Mitz and family.

Hi Melissa its Auntie Heather, Uncle Brian and I are thinking of you and hope the training is going well. Good Luck to you and all the team. Wishing you every success, take care x
Auntie Heather, Uncle Brian

I would like to wish Lauren Tutty and the entire English Karate Team lots of luck and success in Malaysia.
I am sure all of the hard training will pay off!
Rachael Ellis

Hi kira, I'm sure you'll be amazing! Just wanted to say we are both very proud of you and what you have achieved.
Thinking of you xx
Lots of love, Sophie & Qamar

Wishing Lauren Tutty and all the England team all the luck in the world, bring home the medals
all our love Lauren from grandma and grandad xxxxxxx

Wishing Navin and Kieran all the best in Malyasia. Very proud of you guys.
Surv and family xx

All the best to Sophie Santillo and the england squad!! Unleash the beast Soph!! ;)
Love big sis Grante xx

Hi Mel
Good luck to youI know you will do really really well and I am always here for uu! I hope you are enjoying everything
Good luck again Chloe :) x

Hey sophie its your sister jade good luck hope your having fun love you loads miss you see you when you get back
love from jade xxxx

Just want to wish Lauren & all the England Team good luck. Can't wait til Thursday for the tournament to begin, Lets Go England, Lets go.....
Love & best wishes Tutty Family xxx

Go Gettem Girl,
Love and pride always,
Jolly Jack xx

Good Luck to Ryan Jay and all the England Karate Team and Coaches at the World Championships
From EKKA Karate Association LKK Karate and Paul Fred Chris and Alix

Sending lots of love and a big hug for good luck to you Melissa. We are very proud of you and you are never far from our thoughts. I hope you and the other girls do really well. Remember, it is amazing to have got this far so anything else you achieve will be just brilliant!! Do your best and take strength and heart from all of us sending you lots of love.

We wish all of you extremely talented youngsters who are out in Malaysia at the moment the very best of luck in all your categories – we hope you bring home some medals!!! Above all have the most fantastic experience – one that none of you will ever forget!!! Show them just how brilliant you all are !!!! Go ENGLAND!

Thanks to all who have made this possible especially sensei Jon Mottram and to Debbie Sell for getting us all organised!

To our lovely daughter Mel – have the best time ever out there with such a great crowd, we are so proud of you all and are thinking of you all the time. We will be watching via the internet here on Monday. Good luck to Kelly and Kira too – we are sure you will be amazing! Good luck to Natalie as an individual competitor!!XXXXXX
Best Wishes to all - Marie, Neil & Dom Williamson.

Best of luck to the entire England Squad, but especially to Sophie Santillo.... you are a constant inspritation to me, I admire your drive, determination, and courage, I'm so very proud of you and all you have achieved, and I'm proud to have you as my Neice. So get out there, do what you do, and have fun, you have worked hard to get where you are now, so enjoy the ride!!! Can't wait for you to get back and come hang out again....
Love you loads and loads.... From Aunty Sarah xxx

Sophie Santillo this is your time kiddo, give it your best shot and remember to enjoy the tournament.
Best wishes to the whole English team, you are all winners.......
love Carole McMahon xxxx

Best of luck to everyone in the British Team, but especially to our Grandson Ryan Lambert. Go get 'em Ryan, we're so proud of you and wish you all the best at the tournament. Now Dad's with you we know you'll be OK!
Lots of love and good luck Nanny Pat and Peter

Good luck to all the squad, Coaches and all involved with team England in Malaysia. Especially the shindo kai competitors of; Callum ''Flash'' Holmes, Alex Gardner, Lauren Crawford and Chloe Sheldon. Thoughts go out to assistant coach Paul Newby who snapped his Achilles while coaching the squad & could not make it.
From Sensei John & Ged Tumman and all the students in shindo kai.. Osu!

Wishing you both all the best wishes, all the success as you deserve to it, you worked so hard. God bless
Esther x

We would like to wish the England Karate Squad, and in particular our lovely Granddaughter Kira Charlton, best wishes and good luck,
Love From Nan and Granddad Charlton xxx

Go Navin!! All the best during the competion, we know you can do it! Good luck & most of all enjoy!!
Gitesh & Tina xx

Jade jamie and eloise want to wish sophie santillo good luck and lots of love xxxx
Jade jamie and eloise

So jealous I cannot be out there in Malaysia in person, just want to wish the England Squad the best of luck and hopefully bring home plenty of medals. A special mention to all the guys from Sale Dojo, we're all behind you 100%.
So proud!!
Ian Swain

Wishing Sophie Santillo and ALL of the England Karate Team good luck. Really proud of you Soph!!
Love Clare & JP

Good luck to Sophie Santillo and the rest of the England squad. Be positive! We're all cheering for you!
From Noah and Libby and Chris and Sharon

Hi Pippa and Charlotte,
Wishing you the best of luck in Malaysia! Do it for the girls!
Love Georgie (from Davins!)

Hi Ryan Jay, (Mr Jay!)
Just wanted to say good luck in Malaysia and hope you do really really well.
See you when you get back :) ;)
Love Georgie (little Georgina!)

Good Luck and Best Wishes to the entire England Squad, especially our Kira who has worked so hard chasing the dream and now living it! We are truly so Proud of you, enjoy the moment and say hello to MAT lol. Special mention to Sensei Jon on a Great job preparing the Kata Squad.
Kira's Mum & Dad
PS Bring home plenty of photos and happy memories

Good luck to Sophie Santillo and the rest of the England Squad, hoping you are enjoying yourself!
Love from the Bestie (Harriet) :) X

Good luck to all the team and especially the Uechi fighters Jack, Alf, Jamaal and Hannah we hope everything you want comes true!
Best wishes and lots of luck from Iain, Tracy, Joe and Mason Denham.
Regards Iain Denham

Just wanted to say that you guys have worked so hard and that you all should be very proud of yourselves!
Sensei Jonathan Mottram you have done a fantastic job with the Kata squad and should be proud  of the results! I wish you all the very best and now it is time to show the world of what you all are made of!No matter the outcome you are all fantastic and have worked so hard! We are all proud of you!! GOOD LUCK!Miss you all and see you soon!
Katinka xx

Good luck to everyone competing in Malaysia J special wishes go to Jon as coach, Emma, Aimee, Kira, Melissa, Navin, Kieran + Ryan Lambert, we’ll be thinking of you!
From Karen, Lee, Ronnie + Billy xx

To kieran I hope u achieve your dream in malaysia
From friern barnet school and class mates.

Wishing Tom Hickman the very best of luck, we are all so proud of you!! Go and show them how its done and get the medal that you truley deserve!!!
Love Sarah (PC Karate)

Wishing Sophie Santillo all the very best in the Worlds Malaysia 2011 from all at Khalsa Champions. Were all so very proud from Sensei and all at the club!!! x
Khalsa Champions Admin

The Board of the EKF would like to wish Willie Thomas and the squad competing at the 7th World Junior and Cadet Championships Malaysia the very best of luck.
EKF Board

I'd like to wish sophie santillo and ALL of the England Karate Team the very best luck for the forth coming World Championships we are all rooting for you all
From sophies mum x

Hey nephew it Mahesh. Just wanted to wish you luck in malaysia in the tournament.
Love yah.

Hey Kieran, its your dads friend Leon who you met outside bounds green station one time. Just wanted to say good luck during your fights @ the world championships. Bring home the glory!!!
Leon Thomas

Wishin kieran and navin the best in malaysia. Remember no regrets!
From Anthony.

Just to wish Sophie Santillo & all the team the very best for the competition! Sophie we are ALL so proud of you just for having made the team & being there! Enjoy your trip & bring back lots of pics & memories!
Ros & the gang from the Charlie Butler

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