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9th World Junior, Cadet and U21 Championships, Jakarta, Indonesia 12-15 November 2015 - Reports

The below are reports and results posted from Indonesia.



Competition Day 3 – Saturday 14th November

Three fighters competing today which saw them involved in some cracking fights, so here’s how they did…

Competing in the Junior -68kg category was Bleu Parris, competing for England for the third time, so was it to be third time lucky? Some excellent fights saw Bleu go so close, fighting his way to the quarter finals before losing out on the judge’s decision. Bleu had a 1st round bye and then faced Hungary in the 2nd round where he made a blistering start beating his opponent 6-0. Blue went on the face Canada in the 3rd round an put in another terrific performance beating his opponent 5-0 to make the quarter finals. The 4th round pitted Bleu against Turkey who had some close fights as he made his way to the quarters, and this was no exception finishing as a 1-1 draw. Down to the judges vote and sadly they went for Turkey. Turkey then lost the pool final 3-1 leaving Bleu just missing on a repechage place.

Next up for England was Alfie Powell competing in the U21 -60kg category.


Alfie received and 1st round bye before facing Japan in the 2nd round. A tough fight for Alfie who fought well, calling on his previous experience, but eventually lost out 6-1 to his Japanese opponent. It wasn’t going to be Alfie’s day as the Japanese fighter unfortunately lost out 8-5 in the next round leaving Alfie missing out on repechage.

The final fighter of the day for England was Joe Kellaway. This was Joe’s 7th outing as an England fighter so very experienced at this level, and Joe showed this as he made a terrific start in the U21 -75kg category. Joe faced Czech Republic in the 1st round fighting brilliantly well to storm to a 8-1 win. The 2nd round saw Joe face Finland. A much closer fight saw Joe see out a close 2-1 win to go on and face Macedonia in the 3rd round. Joe was back on track convincingly beating his opponent 5-0 this time. The 4th round quarter final saw Joe’s progress falter as he faced a good Greek fighter. Joe fought well but eventually lost out 7-3 as his opponent secured the points. A close pool final saw Hungary beat Greece 1-0 leaving Joe just outside of the repechage rounds like Bleu before him.

So some excellent fights from the boys today but no luck on those illusive medals. Once more day of competition to follow with our last fighter, Amelia in action.


Day 2 of competition Friday 13th!

Well today it was the turn of the fighters to take centre stage as it was all about the kumite as England had four fighters competing today.

England had Jamie Gridley competing in the Cadet -52kg category competing in his very first World Championships. Jamie made a bright start beating his Russian opponent 5-2 in the 1st round, but suffered a heavy defeat in the 2nd round losing 9-2 to Iran. The Iranian made it the quarter finals before losing himself thereby denying Jamie a chance to go through to the repecharge rounds.

Jordan Clarkson took to the mat soon after competing in the Junior -53kg category in her first outing wearing her England badge. Like Jamie, Jordan made a good start winning her opening 2-0 defeating her Luxemburg opponent. She faced Germany in the 2nd round but lost out 6-0 just failing to score against her opponent. The German fighter lost out in the next round leaving Jordan out of repecharge rounds.

Competing in the Junior +59kg category was Emelye O’Brien. Facing Turkey in the 2nd round following her 1st round bye, she fought well against her opponent but neither could find a way through to score. With the score tied at 0-0 it went to the judges vote with Emelye going through. The 3rd round saw Emelye face Australia. A tough fight but once again Emelye could get the score and lost out 3-0. With Australia losing out in the next round there was no repecharge for Emelye.

Cuba Paris was up next competing in the Junior -61kg category. Facing Canada in the 1st round he fought well to win the fight 2-0. The next round saw Cuba face a tough Jordanian fighter. Like the fighters before him today, after coming through their opening rounds, he too lost out in the next round, this time losing 2-0. The Jordanian looked on form as he stormed his way to the pool final and then losing out a Azerbaijan leaving Cuba just outside a potential repecharge spot.

So another tough day at the office, some good fights but no medals.




First day of competition

Kata was on first this morning starting with the 14-15 yrs male and female. Adam Peters representing England had a first round bye then faced Malaysia in the 2nd round, it wasn’t to be Adams day with Malaysia taking the win who then in turn faced Japan. Japan went on to win the category so there was no repercharge for Adam, this was always going to be a tough draw but Adam will take away a lot of experience from this Championships.

Lauren like Adam was competing for England the first time and and won her first round 3-2 and her second 5-0.The third round she faced Austria but on this occasion Austria took the win. Austria went through to the pool final and eventually won a bronze medal. Like Adam she has gained valuable experience which will help her in future championships.

Next Up was Aimee Sell this was a tough draw with current European and World medalists. Aimee came up against her Russian opponent but the win went to Russia 4-1. The Russian eventually lost to the USA leaving Aimee out of the medal positions this time around.

Chris Karwacinski was first up in his group and was competing against Serbia in the U21s. The Serbian won the match 5-0 and went to the pool final a win would have secured Chris a chance at repercharge but this was denied to Chris as the Serbian lost to Turkey.

Luke Easton was England’s competitor in the 16-17 male kata event. After a first round bye Luke faced Denmark and won his match 3-2. This allowed Luke to then face a competitor from Canada but was denied the win by the closest of Margins 2-3. The Canadian lost to Spain so again a chance at repercharge was denied.

Lastly Alice Hylton competed in the 16-17 Female event. After a first round bye Alice face Chinese Taipei and won convincingly with a 4-1 win. Alice then went on to face the Russian and this time won 5-0. A win in the next round against Italy would have put Alice in the pool final but this was taken away by the Italian with a 5-0 win. The Italian lost the pool final so Alice was denied the chance of going for the bronze medal.

Our last competitor of the day was Charlotte Hope. After a first round bye Charlotte had some cracking fights beating Iran 3-0, then Thailand 3-1, then had a tough fight against Egypt with some very close decisions losing 5-2. The Egyptian won her pool to gain a place in the final and this gave Alice the chance of going for the bronze medal. Charlotte came up against Japan and in a close fight her opponent beat her 0-1 snatching the chance to progress towards the bronze medal.

Tomorrow its the turn of the male cadets and junior females. Fingers crossed for our young athletes tomorrow.

Everyone including coach’s, referees, staff and athletes are now registered for the Championships. We have all the individual kata events on Thursday with Chris Karwacinski and Aimee Sell in the U21s, Luke Easton and Alice Hylton in the 16-17yrs. Adam Peters and Lauren Fretwell in the 14-15yrs are representing England for the first time along with Charlotte Hope in her first kumite event for England in the -54kgs.

Unfortunately one of our most experienced and successful kumite athletes, Jamaal Otto is unable to compete at these championships due to illness. Everyone wishes him a speedy recovery and we look forward to him competing again very soon.

Good Luck England!


The EKF has a new World Referee, congratulations to Gary Hoyle who is now a WKF World Kumite B Judge. Congratulations Gary from the everyone in the EKF.





End of Training ……..

The squad have settled into the hotel and have been training at various times and places over the last few days. The hotel is now full with teams from New Zealand, Spain, China, Japan, Serbia, Canada and Azerbaijan, there is an air of anticipation at the hotel now. Gary Hoyle has arrived and Dale Gamble and Billy Brennan will be joining the squad tomorrow.
The coach’s are attending a briefing and take the accreditation exam on Tuesday, so the athletes will have a little time to relax before registration on Wednesday.





Live updates: Planes, trains etc Arrival in Indonesia.

Every one met at Heathrow T5 in the evening for the Long Journey to Jakarta. From Heathrow to Jakarta travelling took about 27 hours, with a quick turn around in Hong Kong. The squad and delegation were met at the airport by the Indonesian Karate Federation and travel organiser who then whisked everyone through immigration. After check in at the hotel, everyone had a meal and a quick chat with the staff, where it was decided to let the squad relax the next day and try and get over the journey as best they can, so training would begin the following day.

At lunchtime the staff had a meeting with the squad regarding plans for the next few days. They were also addressed by David Inman our medical officer. Everyone has stocked up on supplies and essentially water as its 80F+ and 80% humidity here and its supposed to be the start of winter here!

3 of the EKFs referees Gary Hoyle, Dale Gamble and Billy Brennan will be joining us over the next few days before the start of the championships.

Other teams arriving over the next few days that are staying at our hotel are Japan, Spain, Canada, Azerbijan and China.

We will try and update as much as possible depending on wifi availability and will put the links on Facebook too.

Awaiting details.

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