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EKF Senior European Championship, Athens Greece 2010 - Pre-Training

Posted 2nd May 2010

After a week of hard training out in the sticks, the England Squad come out of pre training a close team and ready to take on Europe.

After being pushed all the way by Wayne Otto and Ian Cole, we all came out both feeling very “SORE” and but extremely sharp. Though at times you felt pushed beyond your own limits having the clear goal of being European Champions a possibility, you always had the extra bit of something to give.

EKF Senior Squad Pre-training for Greece 2010

The three big memories of pre training:

1) Chris Riggs Pad Session!!!!!
2) Ian “Iron Man” Cole Vs Sonny “The Bear” Roberts
3) The Iranian Michael Jackson Tribute Night

We have all now returned to our homes and families to rest for a few days before we fly out to Athens on Tuesday morning ready to take on the cream of European Karate.

Posted 29th April 2010

Well it's less than a week before the Senior squad take off for Athens for the Senior Championships. The squad are hard at work training at Shindo kai, Paul Newby's Olympik Dream Dojo under the watchful eye of Wayne Otto and his assistants.

The squad have a couple of more days training before they fly on Tuesday to Athens, where they will compete against the best of the best in Europe at this WKF event.

We hope to be able to bring you photos and results of these  championships. Please feel free to email your messages of support and best wishes for the squad to admin@englishkaratefederation.com

Posted 29th April 2010 - 7 DOWN 6 MORE TO GO!!!!!!!

With the Senior Europeans just around the corner the Senior Squad traveled from all areas of the country to meet up for Pre training at The Olympik Dream Training Centre which can be best described as the Emmerdale Village under the ever stern eye of Mr Otto. Training began at 8 and finished at 9:30, before they all traveled to their accommodation.

EKF Senior European Senior Championship, Greece 2010

The next two days, the real work began!!! Three sessions a day, with a short 2 hour break inbetween. With 4days of training left, Wayne has decreased the amount of training sessions but without doubt the intensity is coming!!!!

The whole squad would like to thank Mr Newby for allowing us to use and train at his very impressive training facility and arranging accommodation for us all. Each day that passes brings us closer to the Greek arena with squad moral high and everyone pushing each other all the way. England is ready to heard again at the Senior Stage.

Sonny Roberts


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