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Sarah Knight 4th DAN Black Belt

Sarah KnightBSC (Hons) Community Health & BSC (Hons) Nursing.
PC Karate/Association Kata Coach, Referee & Judge

Sarah started training at the age of 17.

Sarah was pretty competitive and physical by nature and she thought, and still does, that Karate was an ideal sport to develop both of these attributes and by so doing increase her confidence to be able to look after herself. Sarah achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt in 1993, which was one of the proudest but hardest moments in her karate career. During the following years she had two children and trained right up until the birth of both of them. In October 2003 she achieved what she considered to be the most physically and emotionally demanding accolade, her 3rd Dan, from Sensei Paul Campbell 6th Dan who has taught her attitude and development of her emotional strength.

Her main ambition is to ensure that her children, both girls, are able through karate to demonstrate confidence, and develop their self-esteem and the ability to defend themselves.

In 2013 Sarah was elected to the board of the EKF and was appointed as Company Secretary.

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