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England Karate Squad

All news and information for EKF Squad members and althletes seeking to train and select.

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51st Senior European Championships, 5-8 May 2016 - Montpellier, France - Squad Profiles.

Female Senior Kumite and Kata Squad

Carla Burkitt
Age: 25
Grade & Style: Shotokan, 2nd Dan
Association: Kaizen Central Karate Federation
Major Titles: English Champion, British Champion, British International Champion. Dutch Open Karate 1 Bronze Medal 2015, Wasquehal Open Gold Medallist, U21 European Silver Medallist, U21 European Bronze Medallist
Caps: 17 (including U21, Senior Championships & invitationals).
Greatest Achievement to date: European Silver Medallist
Ambitions: Ultimately to become World Champion, however I want to continue to compete alongside the best in the World and continually challenge for medals. To become the best I can be!

Siobhan Hayes
Age: 26
Grade & Style: 1st Dan
Association: Kaizen Central Karate Federation
England Caps:  10. 
Biggest Achievement to date: getting to the top 16 in the Worlds, Bremen 2014. 
Titles: English Championship x 6. British Silver. 
Ambitions: my long term goal has always been to win the World Championships. Along the way picking up medals in the K1 Premier League Tournaments. Short Term I want to be on the podium at international level consistently. 

Amelia Harvey
Age: 21
Grade & Style: 2nd Dan Wado Ryu
Association: Xcalibur Karate Federation
Major Titles:  English x 4, British x 7 and K1 bronze medallist
Caps: 6 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date: bronze medal at K1
People/Athletes that have inspired you: Jessica Ennis
Ambitions: to be successful and consistent at a senior level

Ashley Scott
Age: 30
Grade & Style: 4th Dan Shotokan
Association: JKS
Major Titles:  British Home Nations Champ 2014, Swedish Open Champion 2014, British International Open Champion 2015, 7th place at Austrian K1 2015
Caps: 1 at French Invitational 2014
Greatest Achievement to date: 7th at K1/getting selected for upcoming Europeans
People/Athletes that have inspired you: Denise Lewis & Jessica Ennis-Hill
Ambitions: To gain as many caps for England at European and World level as possible, medal at a K1 and rank within the top 10% in the world at -61kg.  The ultimate dream would of course be, to be a European and/or world champion!

Katie Hurry
Age: 28
Grade & Style: 3rd Dan in Wado Ryu
Association: Sport Karate Academy
Major Titles:  English Champion, British Champion, Commonwealth Champion, Junior World Champion, Junior European Bronze Medallist, Senior European Bronze Medallist
Caps: 14 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date: Junior World Champion
Ambitions: to be senior European and world champion

Male Senior Kumite and Kata Squad

Jamaal Otto
Age: 20
Grade & Style: Uechi-Ryu 1st Dan
Association: Uechi-Ryu
Major Titles: Junior European Silver and Bronze medallist. 6 x English Champion. 10 x British Champion
Caps: 8 (Junior, Senior & Invitational)
Greatest Achievement to date: 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer People
Athletes that have inspired you: Wayne Otto. Steph Curry. Leon Walters. Alison Felix.
Ambitions:  To be World Champion.

Reece Taylor
Age: 26
Grade& Style: 3rd Dan Shito-Ryu
Association: Hanko Ryu Karate-Do
Major Titles: WKF European Cadet Kata Champion , WKF European Cadet Silver Medalist ,WKF Commonwealth Cadet Kata Champion; WKF Open World Cup Champion, 10 x National Kata Champion , 9 x British Champion , 4 x British University Champion
Caps: 8 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date: First British Male Junior European Kata Champion
People/Athletes that have inspired you: Sir Steve Redgrave
Ambitions: First British Male World Kata Champion

Jordan Thomas
Age: 24
Grade & Style: 2nd Dan Shotokan
Association: Kaizen Central Karate Federation
Major Titles:  Senior European Champion 2014, 6 x Senior English Champion, 3 x English champion and 4 x British Champion
Caps: 13 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date: 2014 Senior European Champion, Highest WKF Rank 10 -67kg

Curtis Harvey
Age: 20
Grade & Style: Wado Ryu, 1st Dan
Association: Xcaliber
Major Titles: British Champion, British International Champion, English Medalist
Caps: This is my first
Greatest Achievement to date: British Champion People/Athletes that inspire you: Muhammad Ali
Ambitions: European and World Champion

Joe Kellaway
Age: 19
Grade & Style: 1st Kyu (Wado Ryu)
Association: W.I.K.F
Major Titles: English U21 -75kg champion, British U21 -75kg Champion and British Senior   -75kg Champion.
Caps: 12 (Junior, Senior & Invitational)
Greatest Achievement to Date: Getting selected for senior team at the age of 18, coming 7th at the turkey k1 and being ranked 13th in the world U21 -75kg.
People/Athletes that have inspired you: My Parents, My coaches and My Team mates.
Ambitions: To become a top level senior fighter and having a successful karate career.

Ryan Reginald Rex Jay  
Age: 23
Grade & Style: 3rd Dan & Korean
Association: E.K.K.A
Major Titles:  2X Junior European Champion, World Sliver Junior Medallist, K1 Bronze Medallist (Slovenia World Cup 2016), 7X English Champion, 6X British Champion.
Caps: 10 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date: K1 Bronze Medal in Slovenia 2016
People/Athletes that have inspired you: Tom Scott (USA)
Ambitions: Win a medal at European and World level

Ben Slater
Age: 22
Grade & Style: 3rd Dan Wado-Kai
Association: Central Karate Schools Association
Major Titles:  English Individual Kumite 2nd – Senior and Junior, BUCS Nationals Champion, 2 x FEW European Champion
Caps: 2 (Junior & Senior)
Greatest Achievement to date:  Achieving my first selection for the EKF at the Junior Europeans Lisbon, 2014
People/Athletes that have inspired you:  Wayne Otto, Steve Moore
Ambitions: Medal at a WKF European and World Championships

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