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43rd Junior, Cadet & 8th U21 European Championships, Limassol, Cyprus, 5-7 Februrary 2016 - Competition Day 3

The last day of competition and hopes were high for our Under 21s.

This was Jamaal Otto’s final Junior Europeans and he came out fighting well against MKD in his opening round, it was a good fight with Jamaal winning 4-3 to take him through to the 2nd round.
Jamaal then faced his opponent from Croatia again Jamaal fought hard but it wasn’t to be his day with his opponent winning  5-1, Jamaal has had a good Junior career winning European a silver and bronze medal as a Junior athlete, he now moves on to the seniors and wish him all the best.

Katie Dalzell was our only U21 female and she faced Poland  in first round, a hard fight but Poland had the edge winning 3-0. There was no repercharge as Spain beat Poland in the next round.

Joe Kellaway won his first fight against  Bosnia 4-2.  Joe then went on to face Italy in the 2nd round but loses 0-3.  Joe got another chance to fight in repercharge as the Italian made it to the final.  He now had to face Kosovo, Joe was extremely unlucky to lose 2-0.

Sam Day had  Poland in the first round Poland but lost 2-1.  His opponent then lost the 2nd round so no repercharge.

Alfie Powell had Portugal in opening round but the Portuguese got the points winning 3-0.  Portugal then lost in the next round so no repercharge for Alfie.

Although these are not the results the squad wanted, many have a year now to go over things, work harder and improve where necessary in time for the next Junior Europeans.  The  squad worked hard for these championships and sacrificed a lot to attend them as do their families.  The standard in karate  is at such a high level now its harder than ever to win those elusive medals.  The squad will learn from this event and hopefully progress to better things.  For some it was their last Junior Europeans and will now only compete in Senior events and we wish them well in their senior careers.

The squad will be travelling home today and some will already planning and preparing themselves for the Senior Europeans which are to be held in France, May 2016, so onwards and upwards.

Thank you to Blitz Sport  and Elida for sponsoring the squads kits.

Thank you to all the Coach’s Willie Thomas, Paul Newby, Ticky Donovan OBE and Reece Taylor.  To our medical officer David Inman for looking after the squad.  Thank you to John Debono for ensuring all went smoothly and our chaperones Jane Debono and Debbie Sell.

Cyprus 2016

Cyprus 2016

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