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54th EKF Senior Championships, Guadalajara, Spain, March 28-31 2019
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

43rd Junior, Cadet & 8th U21 European Championships, Limassol, Cyprus, 5-7 Februrary 2016 - Competition Day 2


Unfortunately day 2 didn’t go the way the fighters wanted. Emelye O’Brien won her first fight against Ukraine 1-0, she then went into her second fight against Austria the fight was 1-1 but the decision by the referees went to Austria

Jordan Clarkson fought Russia in her 1st round but lost 3-1. She came back in repercharge beating Norway 4-3, all fired up she then faced Luxembourg but her opponent was too quick winning the match 3-1 ending Jordans time on the tatami.

Mitchell Thorpe hoping to improve on his silver medal in Swizerland won his first round 3-1 against Denmark. Mitchell then fought Poland in the 2nd round and but lost 0-1. There was no repercharge as Poland lost the following round.
This was Chloe Lydons first time representing England, she fought a tough Serbian in her opening round, with the Serbian winning 9-3 a valiant effort for your first time Chloe. Chloe’s opponent didn’t progress any further ending Chloes chances of progression in repercharge.

This was Jamie Gridleys 2nd time representing England, his opening match was a close one but Italy took the win 1-3. Jamie’s opponent went on to win the pool final so and had a shot at repercharge .Jamie now faced Poland but lost 2-1.

Cuba Parris faced France in his first round again a close match with Cuba just missing out, final score 4-3 to France. France didn’t progress so there was no repercharge.

Bleu Parris fought Slovenia and had a very convincing 5-2 win, hopes were high for Bleu in the 2nd round against Georgia but a controversial kick which appeared to happen after the time had finished saw Bleu bow out as the referee gave the points for the kick. His opponent from Georgia lost to Belgium so Bleu was unable to progress any further

Not the best day from the squad but they will take away what they have learned from this competition and work on what needs to improve.

Cyprus 2016

Cyprus 2016

Cyprus 2016

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