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Posted 30th October 2018
Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

On Saturday 27th October Performance Director Winston Williams met with a group of EKF coaches representing 25 Associations. Winston welcomed everyone and thanked them for making the effort to attend and confirmed that the day would focus on the Performance Department which is responsible for Kumite, Kata and the Referees. Also in attendance on the day on behalf of the EKF Board was its President Steve Coupland.

The day kicked off with an ice-breaker that got everyone talking and engaged, setting the tone for the day.

Winston talked through the agenda for day, then took the group through a 45 minute presentation entitled ‘The Performance Departments Journey So Far’ which mapped out the journey that he, Performance Director Greg Francis and the performance department had been on to date and shared some of the challenges encountered and success achieved along the way. The presentation ended with Winston sharing a summary of initiatives approved by the Board since the Performance Director’s reported their plans to the August Board meeting:

  • Development of Draft Performance Framework for Kumite
  • Co-location of Kumite & Kata training with some combined strength & conditioning
  • Centralised National Squad training in Leicester
  • Referees courses and development aligned to squad training dates
  • Katie Hurry re-appointed Assistant National Coach  
  • Secured athlete funding for World Championships
  • Agreement reached to develop a ‘Hardship Fund’
  • Referees now involved in Kata selections
  • Agreement to develop a Communications Strategy
  • Restructured Kata Management reporting lines
  •  Secured additional (voluntary) admin support for regional coaches
  • New squad tracksuits secured for the World Championships
  • All monies generated through competitions, squad sessions (regional and national) and all squad related income such as squad sponsorship to be ring-fenced to the Performance Department
  • Regional Coaches profiles established
  • Negotiated reduced hall hire fees
  • New DBS in place for National Coaches, Regional Coaches underway

The group listened intently to the presentation, asking questions where clarity was needed. Winston shared a copy of the ‘draft’ EKF Performance Framework for Kumite (grass roots) and confirmed that the same will be developed for Kata and working with Dale Gamble for the Referees Department.   

The group then engaged in the first group exercise where sub-groups were tasked with giving thought to what currently works well within the department and what areas require improvement. Each sub-group was then asked to review their lists and feed back to the whole group on what they saw as the number one area that requires improvement and the number one area that is working well. The feedback stimulated lots of positive debate which was welcomed.

The second group exercise tasked the sub-groups to consider the presentation they had received from Winston and the first group exercise and list the top priority as they saw it for the performance department to focus on over the next 6-12 months. Once again each group fed back to all, the number one priority they think the Performance Directors should focus on again, this stimulated lots of positive discussion and identified some common priorities.

It was great to see so many members coming together to support the development of the performance department in such an engaging and supportive way. It was also great to see the interaction and camaraderie amongst those that attended.

The notes from the group work will be written up over the coming weeks, capturing key themes and will be fed into the performance department development plans. Those key themes from the notes will be shared with members. 

Due to the level of engagement and feedback leading up to and since the meeting, we will aim to hold a future meeting during 2019 and consider opening this up to club coaches who are members of associations and association referees.

We would like to extend our thanks to Stennett Harvey for hosting this meeting at his Ikon Dojo and for covering the cost of the lunch provided. 

Photos of the day

Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

Coaches Meeting Report October 27th 2018

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