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Wado Aiwakai Karate Do Federation

Aiwakai Karate - Do Cymru/Wales A.K.C.W
Holyhead Leisure Centre, Kingsland Road, Holyhead
Instructors: Grahame Morgan, 4th Dan; Gwyn Williams, 2nd Dan; Tim Malone, 2nd Dan, Ricky Molyneux, 2nd Dan; David Williams, 3rd Kyu
Tel: 07516 520345
Email: morgan6111@yahoo.co.uk

Askam Karate Club
Askam Community Centre, Duke Street, Askam-in-Furness, Cumbria
Instructors: Matt Graham, 2nd Dan; Danny Miller, 1st Dan
Tel: 01229 466725
Email: aileenandmatt1@yahoo.co.uk

Belper Aiwakai Karate Club
Belper Leisure Centre, Kilbourne Road, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1RZ
Instructors: Dave Johnson, 3rd Dan; Darren Melbourne, 2nd Dan; Ashley Johnson, 2nd Dan; Emma Grice, 1st Dan
Tel: 01773 856245
Email: belperaiwakai@hotmail.co.uk

Castle Karate Kai
Castlefields Community Hall, New Park Street, Castlefields, Shrewsbury, SY1 2LD
Instructor: Rob Buckley
Tel: 01743 231676, 07841 389359
Email: castlekaratekai@btinternet.com

Coleham Karate Club (Afterschool club)
Coleham Primary School, Greyfriars Rd, Shrewsbury, SY3 7EN
Instructor: Rob Buckley
Tel: 07841 389359
Email: robbuckley@hotmail.com

Croydon Ren-Bu-Kan
Croydon Football Club, Albert Road, South Norwood, London
Instructor: Neil Glindon, 3rd Dan
Tel: 07939 597174
Email: nglindon@hotmail.co.uk

Cumbria Aiwakai Karate Club
Currock House, Lediard Avenue, Currock, Carlisle, CA2 5BS
Instructor: Jim Bulman, 5th Dan
Tel: 01228 530269, 07593 684737
Email: jamesbulman@talktalk.net

Derby Karate Academy (AFF)
Instructor: Lee Minion
Email: derbyka@live.co.uk

Darlington & District Karate Club
Salutation Hall, Salutation Road, Darlington
Instructor: Chris Bowman, 5th Dan
Tel: 07732 170435
Email: chris_bowman48@hotmail.com

School of Peace & Harmony
Instructor: David Cole Leicester
Tel: 07817 713412
Email: davidcole43@hotmail.com

Eagley Aiwakai Karate Club
Eagley Sports Complex, Dunscar Bridge, Blackburn Road, Bolton, BL7 9FP
Instructor: Neil Critchley, 2nd Dan
Tel: 07443 576885
Email: ncritch34@aol.com

English Karate Association (AFF)
Loughborough Univerity, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Hartlepool Wadokai
216 Oxford Road, Hartlepool, TS25 5QG
Instructors: Lynne Jorgeson, 4th Dan; Michael Jorgeson, 1st Dan; Carl Jorgeson, 2nd Dan; Amy Coulson, 2nd Dan; Vince Dawkins, 1st Kyu
Tel: 07984 798634
Email: carl@hartlepoolwadokai.com or hartlepoolwadokai@yahoo.co.uk

Hei Jo Shin
13 Long Meadow, Wigston, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE18 3TY
Instructor: Raj Bhardwaj, 2nd Dan
Tel: 07769 697858
Email: raj@knowitall.co.uk

Ji-Shin Grantham Aiwakai Karate Club (Emzfit)
Instructor: Angie Emms 5th Dan
Email: emzfit@yahoo.co.uk

Kihon Do Karate Club Hartlepool
Manor College of Technology, Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool 
Instructors: Mick Stainsby, 5th Dan; Jane Lines, 3rd Dan; Alison Leonard, 4th Dan
Email: mickkarat@msn.com
Website: http://www.kihondokarateclubhartlepool.com/

Kobukan Darlington
Middleton St George Community Centre, Station Road, Middleton St George, Co. Durham, DL2 1JG
Instructors: Chris Hemmins, 5th Dan; Nicole Wardell, 1st Dan
Email: nicole7319@yahoo.com

Koshiki Wado-Ryu
Instructor: Frank Johnson
Tel: 01743 340146
Email: frankjohnson8654@btinternet.com

Kyu Sei Kan Karate-Do
Instructors: Jim Cole; Stephanie Wharton
Tel: 07976 371158
Email: Jacol@fsmail.net

Leeds Wadokai
The Forum, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds, LS2 7UA
Instructor: Keith Walker, 5th Dan
Tel: 0113 2324456
Email: Leedswado@yahoo.com or Walkerkeith@icloud.com

Lincs Aiwakai Karate-Do
St Andrews Community Centre, William Street, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2LP
Instructor: Paul Baker, 5th Dan
Tel: 07808 772482
Email: paulbaker10@btinternet.com

Matlock Aiwakai Karate Club
Instructor: John Redfern
Tel: 07979 154685
Email: info@matlockkarateclub.co.uk

Mushindo Wadokai
Bradley Senior Citizen Centre, Wilkinson Av, Bradley, Wolverhampton
Instructor: Vince Parker
Tel: 07792 721117
Email: vince.parker@ault.co.uk

North Leeds (Formerley Wakefield Wado)
Instructor: Dave Guthrie
Tel: 07952 472787
Email: guthriedavid@hotmail.co.uk

North Yorkshire Wadokai
Settle College
Instructor: Mark Harland, 5th Dan
Tel: 01729 823256
Email: mark.harland6@gmail.com

Penn Aikujuku Aiwakai Karate Club
Instructors: Richard Ford, Kuniaki Sakagami
Tel: 07709 578036
Email: emma@sakagami.freeserve.co.uk or emma.sakagami@freeserve.co.uk

Ripley Aiwakai Karate Club
Ripley Leisure Centre, Derby Road, Ripley, Derbyshire
Instructors: Mick Ryde, 5th Dan; Sue Ryde, 5th Dan; Sean Broome, 2nd Dan; Derek Bishton, 2nd Dan; Lars Nolle, 1st Dan; Mark Jamie James, 1st Dan
Tel: 01773 761375, 07768 521973
Email: sryde1@btinternet.com or michael.ryde1@sky.com

Sakura Karate Academy
Sakura Dojo, Unit 5, 10 High Rd, Willenhall, Wolverhampton, WV12 4JQ
Instructors: Mark Knight; Becky Knight
Tel: 01902 618651, 07964 980405
Email: sakurakarateacademy@yahoo.co.uk

Staffordshire Wado Ryu Karate-Do
Hagley Park Sports College, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 2HZ
Instructor: Tony Harvey
Tel: 01889 508411, 07973 398071
Email: staffordshirewadoryu@karate.fslife.co.uk

Suzuki Karate School (AFF)
Rialto Dance Academy, Birmingham
Instructor: Yuji Suzuki
Tel: 07595 832815
Email: yuji@blocspace.com

Sei Wa Kai
Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Instructor: Peter May 7th Dan
Tel: 07779 890264
Email: petermay0007@hotmail.co.uk

Swanage Karate Club
Youth Centre, High Street, Swangate, Dorset
Instructor: Leo Dwyer, 4th Dan
Tel: 01929 423401
Email: marj.dwyer@yahoo.co.uk

Willenhall Karate
E-at Academy, Furzebank Way, Willenhall, WV12 4BD
Instructor: Steve O'Gara
Tel: 07888 822094
Email: steveogara@hotmail.co.uk

Wolverhampton Wadokai
Drama Studio, Ounsdale High School, Ounsdale Road, Wombourne, Wolverhampton, WV5 8BJ
Instructor: Sensei Sakagami 8th Dan
Tel: 01922 407576, 07736709650
Email: wolverhamptonwadokai@live.co.uk

Woodley Wado Karate Club
Lodden Velley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley, Reading, RG6 4GD
Instructors: Dennis Hopkins, 5th Dan; Jim Brasendale, 3rd Dan; Senior Black Belts: Lucy Daniells, 2nd Dan; Claire Lamberton, 2nd Dan
Tel: 07767 644268
Email: dennis.hopkins@thales-ts.com or dennis.hopkins@hotmail.co.uk

Worcester Karate Academy
27 St Annes Road, Worcester, WR3 7PG
Instructor: Gary McClenaghan, 1st Dan
Tel: 07961 545613 / 07971 361944
Email: worcesterkarate@hotmail.co.uk

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