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44th European Championships Sofia Bulgaria 14-19 February 2017, Squad & Staff

Staff/Athletes Names Category
Kumite Coach Paul Newby  
Kumite Coach Davin Pack  
Medical David Inman  
Cadet Female 14-15 Charlotte Hope -54kgs
Cadet Female 14-15 Lauren Salisbury +54kgs
Junior Female 16-17 Chloe Lydon -48kgs
Junior Female 16-17 Georgina Lawson -59kgs
Junior Female 16-17 Jade Attfield +59kgs
U21 Female Emelye O’Brien -68kgs
U21 Female Rebecca Boakes +68kgs
Cadet Male    14-15 Jed Thompson -52kgs
Cadet Male    14-15 Yasin Ahmad -57kgs
Cadet Male    14-15 James Francis +70kgs
Junior Male   16-17 David Lister -68kgs
Junior Male   16-17 Brandon Carr +76kgs
Junior Male   16-17 Mitchell Thorpe -76kgs
U21 Male Bleu Parris -67kgs
U21 Male Joe Kellaway -75kgs
Kata Coach Aimee Sell  
Cadet Female Sadie Stoner 14-15 yrs Kata
Junior Female Lauren Fretwell 16-17 yrs Kata
Female Natalie Payne U21        Kata
Cadet Male Eoin Purcell 14-15 yrs Kata
Junior Male Luke Easton 16-17 yrs Kata
Male Jordan Taylor U21 Kata
Referee Dale Gamble  
Referee Nigel Blood  
Referee Paul Gunn  
Referee Gary Hoyle  
Referee Brian Jarvis  
Referee Tony Dent  
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