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48th EKF Senior Championships Budapest, Hungary - Day 7

The whole squad met for an early breakfast and waited for the transport to the stadium to support Jon Mottram in his repecharge final. With consideration to the unreliability of the supplied transfers, a taxi was ordered for Jon to ensure that he arrived in time for his early slot. All arrived in good time.

Jon looked good and surprisingly calm during his warm up, and all were very hopeful of success for Jon. Jon was facing his arch rival Luca Valdesi.

Luca was up first and delivered a great performance, it didn't appear to be any better than Jon's performance, but Luca won with five flags.

We spent the rest of the day watching some great finals and some fantastically executed techniques.

We travelled back to the hotel and had a team debrief following dinner.

All of the squad enjoyed their time during this week, performed to their best and deserved to relax and enjoy the sayonara party.

This was at a large hotel in Budapest which had been hired for the event.

It was a good, safe venue within close proximity to the official hotel, and a great time was had by all.

We should hopefully enjoy a relaxing morning tomorrow with the coach transfer from the hotel at 1.30, we should arrive back at around 6.30.

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