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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018
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24th World Senior Championships. Madrid, Spain. 6-11 November 2018

48th EKF Senior Championships Budapest, Hungary - Day 6

More problems with official transport this morning, too many people, not enough vehicles. We managed to all get to the stadium in buses, taxis, cars and I think someone even borrowed a bicycle.

Natalie was up at 11.20 and following a rigorous warm up with Jordan and Tom (under the watchful eye of willie), Natalie was centre stage facing Bosnia

Natalie started well and scored with a gyakuzuki, this confident start continued and Natalie narrowly missed out on an 8-0 win when a mawashi geri was not scored. The bout ended with Natalie winning 5-0 to take the bronze medal. HUGE WELL DONE NATALIE!

England's first medal of the championships, with all hopes for a second with Jon Mottramtomorrow morning.

There were some spectacular displays of skill and experience today in the finals, with the crowd seeming to appreciate the kata bunkai most of all.

The presentation of the finals was excellent and a lot can be learned for our own nationals/internationals for the future.

An early night for all tonight as we have an early start in the morning to support Jon who is competing at 9.30 - good luck Jon.

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