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48th EKF Senior Championships Budapest, Hungary - Day 2

The Kumite squad rose early and faced a 7am training session led by Paul and Willie. Working on refinement of technique and strategy, the squad were amazingly receptive and alert at such an early hour.

As the designated training room is a little small for Kata and Kumite, Jon and the kata squad trained a little later and tweaked already sharp techniques and timings.

Both squads are up for the challenge of the next few days and watching them train, they have every right to be confident in their ability to do well.

After breakfast the squad relaxed for a while before another training session for both kata and kumite, this will most likely be the last training session before the event commences on Thursday.

After a freshen up, everyone met in the hotel lobby for a trip to the nearest shopping mall and stocked up on water and other goodies, a pizza stall was inevitably located where one or two sampled the wares on offer. Although very busy, EKF directors Mike Billman and Mike Dinsdale came to say hello to the delegation and were introduced to squad members who had not met them before.

Gym sessions, sauna and general relaxation followed and all met up at 7 pm for dinner in the restaurant.

Registration and draw sheets are the highlights for tomorrow, everyone eager to find out who they will face in the elimination rounds on Thursday.

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