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Report Day 6 - Competition Day 3

This was the last day of eliminations. The Kumite Team events were on and the atmosphere in the warm up area was ridiculously tense. The England Mens Team of Ryan Jay, Joe Kellaway, Chris Harris, Ross Mathieu, Michael Burke and Alton Brown were primarily young and apart from Alton, inexperienced at this level. Coach Thomas rested Jordan due to a knee injury in an effort to save him for his repercharge final on Saturday.

The draw pitched England against Australia, a match up that speaks for itself. First out was the England Captain Alton Brown. His Australian opponent was negative, clearly trying to force a draw. Alton hustled and harried him but was unable to secure a clean point finishing the match as a draw.

Joe Kellaway was out next in his first senior championships. Joe took the initiative by dominating his opponent and getting the better of the exchanges. With 20 seconds to go The Australian scored and the bout finished as another draw.

The pressure was on and Ryan Jay was out at number three. Ryan controlled the match. He knew exactly what he had to do and did it winning the match 1-0 with an excellently timed kizami zuki.

This win put England in the driving seat for our number four, Chris Harris. As a -60 fighter Chris's speed and movement would have to be at its absolute best. The Australian, with significant advantages in height and weight, cannily picked Chris off as he moved in. Chris tried to gain the advantage but went down 3-0.

This left the match even with Michael Burke having to win. It did not start well: the Australian man-handled Michael and was quickly 4 points up. He then added 3 more with a takedown. Into the last third of the fight Michael started getting his timing and form together and gained four points. Unfortunately it was too little, too late and England were out.

The Ladies Team were on in the afternoon facing Poland.

Amelia Harvey led the charge beating her opponent 5-3 and demonstrating a maturity in strategy and in her response to coaching. Natalie then showed her experience by dominating her opponent and winning the match 3-1. The team had won two fights to nil and moved onto their next opponent Tunisia.

Amelia was out first against a tall rangy opponent. The Tunisian used her range well making Amelia work hard to secure a point. At the end of the bout it was 3-2 to Tunisia.

Natalie came out number two and simply dominated her opponent out fighting her in every exchange and breaking the Tunisians spirit to such an extent that England won the fight on kiken, that is a lack of fighting spirit.

Last out for England was Carla Burkitt. Carla started well matching her opponent with a point each from the first exchange. Then the Tunisian started making ground and using her distance to measure Carla's timing to be first in the exchanges. As the clock ticked down Carla through everything she had but her efforts were unproductive.was England were out with only Jordan Thomas placed to secure a bronze in tomorrow's repercharge final.

Good luck Jordan

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