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Report Day 3

Tuesday began at 7.30am with a buffet breakfast that had plenty of healthy options for the athletes. At 9.45am the squad made its way to the stadium for their last training session.

Coach Thomas with assistants Davin Pack and Paul Newby tailored the session to ensure the athletes fighting over the next few days undertook drills relative to their fighting schedules. It was a pleasure to witness these coaches pouring the last dregs of their knowledge, skill and experience into the athletes to ensure that they were as prepared as they could possibly be for the competition.

Ady Gray in his calm, authoritative,style fine tuned the kata athletes to ensure they were confident and focused on the job in hand.

The sessions concluded well within the hour and a half time slot, allowing time for the athletes to relax, stretch and absorb the atmosphere of the competition environment. The squad Captains, Alton Brown and Natalie Williams, took this opportunity to inject some humour into the day by refining the legendary ""come on England" chants. This bonding exercise concluded with the first ippons of the competition as Kate and Natalie ambushed, swept and punched a bemused Davin!

The remainder of the day was taken up with the physio attending to those athletes with aches, pains and bruises and the coaches completing their one to one briefings with the squad.

Dinner at 7pm was followed by a final pre tournament briefing from Willie Thomas and then the ceremonial handing out of the competitors name tags.

Good Luck to the athletes competing on Wednesday:

  • Aimee Sell - Female individual Kata
  • John Gardiner - Male Individual Kata
  • Alton Brown -84kg
  • Amelia Harvey +68kg
  • Ryan Jay -75kg
  • Kate Karwacinski -68kg

Let the tournament begin !

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