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23rd World Senior Championships. Linz, Austria 25-30 October 2016 - Reports

The below are reports and results posted from Austria.

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Report from Paul Simmons- Head of Delegation

The last day started with a very early start with many of the team having to come from the after party to catch the coach back to Linz airport.

A tired set of athletes left Linz after a campaign which started with the dream of becoming a World champion.

For some it was further away than they would have liked when looking back at this championships for some very close and for one the dream became a reality.

That person not only will go down as one of five men to be individual World Champion for the next two years but also as one if not the outstanding fighter of the championships.

A 8-0 romp in the World Final made England’s Jordan Thomas one of the superstars of our Olympic Sport. ENGLAND and the EKF should be very proud!

Katie Hurry came close and finished 5th in the World. With 2018 hopefully bringing her a World Title. The Kumite teams made good progress towards retuning to the top eschelons of the sport. For the rest of the English athletes the next two years will begin the campaign for a 2018 World Title after a short rest!

Well done to all the coaches and staff for making this the most successful World Senior championship ENGLAND has had for a very longtime. A special mention to the Kumite coach ‘Willie Thomas’ for bringing back the EKF first World Senior Champion.

Also, a well done to Chief referee Dale Gamble and other WKF referees for maintaining or gaining further WKF qualifications.

Other EKF representatives saw EKF President, Mick Billman WKF provide the organising of all Security for the World Championships. Mike Dinsdale (WKF rep at the EKF) as the WKF treasurer for the Championships. Well done to them having key roles on the World Stage.

Other EKF representatives were Board member Billy Brennan in providing commentary on the WKF channel and good to see board member Chris Thompson as a VIP cheering on the team.

Congratulations to David Inman on becoming part of the WKF Medical Commission.

Massive thank you to BLITZ Sport who once again provided the kit for the National Squad.

ENGLAND touched down at Heathrow airport and back to task of moving closer to the top of the World medals table.

As a team in all areas of the Karate World the EKF has a bright future.

Paul Simmons


From the WKF News center.


Jordan Thomas continues tradition

In a dominating performance in the final bout of Male Kumite -67kg, Jordan Thomas of England put an end to his country’s drought in World Championships after defeating Yves Martial Tadissi of Hungary. The 24-year old followed the footsteps of his father and former World and European champion to continue making history for the sport in his country. The Luton-native who won in 2012 the first European medal for his nation in eight years, put England again in the spotlight of the ancient discipline.

“It is long coming. I have been dreaming about this since I was a boy,” said Thomas, who dedicated this success to his father. “He led the way. He could not be a better role model for me and I have to dedicate it to the hard work he and I did to get this medal.”

“I know my history and I know where I come from. But it is a new generation. English and British Karate are on the rise,” said Thomas



Jordan Thomas Senior World Champsion -67kgs 2016


Report by Willie Thomas Kumite Coach

Saturday 29th October

The Day started with an early rise as Katie Hurry was on at 9-45am.

The team went to the arena with one thing on their mind, winning medals.

Katie Hurry fighting for Bronze and Jordan Thomas for gold.

The warm up area was buzzing and everyone looking for to seeing them fight.

Katie Hurry

ENG v Slovakia

After her progression from the repo-charge, Katie had one more hurdle to gain a bronze medal at the championships. She was up against a very experienced Slovakian who simply had the edge on the clashes, beating katie to the punch losing out 0-5 in this final bout. Overall a great performance for Katie who could not of done anymore. 5th place in the world is a fantastic achievement and very well done

The team then watched the rest of the fights and then waited for Jordan to turn up from the hotel after resting for the day. Jordan was ready for action!

Jordan Thomas

-67kg World Champion

Jordan was once again outstanding and is simply the best in the World. in addition he also was the best fighter of the championships beating 3 of the top five competitors in his category in the world. If you need a home grown example of how to train, compete, win and conduct ones self on and off the tatami, take note of this exemplary performance by Jordan Thomas. There has only been two 8-0 performances in the history of WKF finals. Jordan is one of them. He has inspired a nation and single handedley breathed life and hope back in to British Karate. Jordan Thomas, we salute you

Well done


A great day. In the evening the team celebrated their achievements! It was a long night!

Report on Fridays events

Report by Paul Simmons HOD

The finishing of Day 5 saw Alton Brown having to be taken to hospital with a fractured eye socket from a direct blow to the face from the team event against Montenegro.

Alton took the news very well and will be having an operation tomorrow to fix the fractured part of the orbit.

We wish Alton all the best for the operation.

With part of the staff and team with Alton the rest of the Team finished watching repercharge and then headed back to the hotel for dinner.

Dinner was early today and a welcome visit was paid to Willie Thomas and the ENGLAND Karate team by a English and British Karate legend ‘Mervine Etienne’ 4x World Team Champion. His presence was ironic as Team events were today and we had one of the most successful Karate team athletes from any country present at dinner for the championship de-brief. A great inspiration for both our male and female team members.

Treatment followed for certain athletes and Katie Hurry was off to bed early for her repercharge fight at 9-30am Saturday morning. Jordan Thomas also had an earlier than normal bed time due the early finish of the championship day. Jordan Thomas will be on tomorrow at around 7-30pm.

Katie Hurry getting ready for her final


Kumite Report by Kumite Coach Willie Thomas

Individual and Team Results

+84kg Men’s Kumite

Brandon Jewell

1st round – win Venezuela

0-0 Decision

A well held and aggressive fight. Brandon held and moved forward to dominate the Venezuelan. With some well timed punches the next round should be very positive.

2nd round

2-1 lose to Ireland

Lost against domestic opponent. Learn important lessons.

-84kg Men’s Kumite

Jamaal Otto

Round 1 – win 2-0

Jamaal came out with a well thought game plan. Changing distance and feeling the opponent in the first 30 seconds. Jamaal went 1-0 up. A contact from a sweep and punch gave him the upper hand. Finishing with another point to win. 2-0.

Brazil 3-0 lose

Jamaal started well but lost a quick point at start and then his opponent built on lead. Needed to work harder for longer.
Jordan Thomas
Won: Austria 4-0, Brazil 8-0, Portugal 3-2, Morocco 10-5 and Venezuela 1-0
In the final with Hungary on Saturday.

Jordan produced a phenomenal display. Showing all the skills of a champion. We are looking forward to Saturday. The icing on the cake will be becoming WKF World Champion and this would be the 1st EKF World Senior Champion. Following on from being the 1st Senior European Champion.

Carla Burkitt

Lost second round. Win first fight 3-1 Belgium
Lost second 1-0 Croatia

Carla came out with a convincing win 1st round and then came out against a 3x European Champion. Carla lost but performed well. The Croatian lost in the semi-final. This excluded Carla from repercharge.

Team Event

Both teams lost in the third round.
Men beat Georgia and Croatia then lost to Montenegro

Ladies beat Ireland and Mexico and lost to Ecuador who went out to France in the semi final.

Achieving the last 16 with both teams is the best EKF Team position at a World Senior Championships.

+68kg Women’s Kumite

Katie Hurry

Katie Hurrys results
Lost to Greece 6-1

Lost to the eventual finalist.

Back in on repercharge
Beat Vietnam 4-0, Mexico 1-0 and Spain 5-1. In bronze medal fight with Slovakia.


Katie Hurry rested for the afternoon, rehydrated and eat in preparation for the early evening start of the repercharge.

The repercharge started early evening on Tatami 1. Her dominance and attitude was seen from the off in her 1st round fight. Katie chose her distance well and timing to win a smooth fight.

Katie’s second fight saw her step up a level in her commitment to key points and accuracy on punching. Katie went chudan and Jordan in finishing her opponent off. A great win and one that put her in the final repercharge round.

The third fight was minutes later and saw Katie start her work from the first seconds of the contest. Her confidence now at full momentum meant the timing of attacks but more importantly, counter attacks. Katie took charge and win this crucial contest!

Katie now will be competing at the highest level in the Karate World on the raised tatami in front of a packed arena on Saturday morning!

Well done to Katie on an outstanding evenings work!

-68kg Women’s Kumite

Ameila Harvey

Lost 1-0 Bosnia

Ameila failed to make an impact at this level. Amelia under-performed.

Sophie Santillo

1st round

1-1 lost on decision to UZB

Needs work on a combination of things. Key areas have been identified.

Alton Brown

Lost 2nd round

1st round

Won against LBA 4-0

Alton won and had a good solid start. Good overall win.

2nd round

Lost 3-0 to Estonia

Alton had a slow start and didn’t really get going. Left it too late to get back from 3-0 down.

Kata Report by Interim Kata Coach Rob Bingham

Male-Kata Reece Taylor

Reece’s first round was versus Czech Republic’s Lucas Janda. Reece performed Gojushiho of Shito Ryu versus the Czech’s Gojushiho Sho of Shotokan. Reece’s Gojushiho was good but unfortunately had a loss of balance effecting the outcome of the match which finished 3-2 in favour of the Czech, who in the next round lost to Turkey so this left Reece out of the chance of repercharge.

Female-Kata Natalie Payne

Natalie’s first outing as a senior individual competitor for England was versus Dominican Republic’s Maria Dimitrova, a tough first round for Natalie against a former Pan American Champion and multiple Karate 1 medallist.
Natalie performed a good Papuren versus Maria’s Unshu, unfortunately the result didn’t go in Natalie’s favour loosing 4-1, with Dominican Republic loosing out in the third round to Italy this left Natalie out of the chance of repercharge.



Jordan Thomas into the final of the -67kg which is on at the weekend. This will be the EKF’s first Senior Medal what a great achievement for Jordan. Also we have Katie Hurry in the final of the Bronze medal +68kgs on Saturday. Fantastic achievements.




Tuesday 25th October – Part 1 Report

Another early start for England Team. The team met for breakfast at 6-30am which was just enough time before we had a coach pick up to take us all to the Training venue for the morning session.

The athletes for Kata and Kumite warmed up together and were prepared where needed by Dave Inman in regards to any previous injuries or management.

Willie Thomas and Davin Pack took the athletes through their paces and put final preparations together for the start of the championships tomorrow.

The team were left to train while Paul Simmons went to the Linz Design Centre to register all athletes.

This was followed by the WKF World Congress, the first as an Olympic Sport.

The World Congress gave the National Federations the up to date status of the Olympic preparation and an idea on how the pathway for Karateka maybe for the 2020 Olympic Games. The pathway allows a chance for all our athletes in the EKF to try and gain a place in the British Olympic Team.

More on this will follow in final report from Linz, Austria.

The World Congress started at 9-30am and finished at 3-45pm . Our own WKF representative, Mike Dinsdale of the EKF was involved and gave his report as the WKF General Treasurer. Our President, Mick Billman was also very busy with WKF business between many places from registrations to the Tips Arena.

Some athletes trained again at 1pm while David Inham attended the WKF medical symposium at the trauma unit in Linz.

The coaches briefing was the last part of the day at the design Centre.

All athletes, coaches and support team attended the Opening ceremony which was held in the Tips Arena. The ENGLAND team representatives paraded the arena with the National flag which was followed by the entertainment and show. We were entertained by one of Austria’s most celebrated Orchestras for an hour and a half. A great end to a very busy day!

Dinner, team talk and final points for the beginning of the World Karate Championships, Oss!

Paul Simmons HOD


Tuesday 25th 2016 – Referees

Its 3 out 3 passes at the World Karate Championships in Linz for the English officials.

Congratulations to:

Peter Bibby kumite judge B

Gary Hoyle kumite Judge A

Dale Gamble Kata judge B



Monday 24 October Update

The day started with an early meet up time of 5-30am for the whole team at Terminal 3, Heathrow. Many travelling from different corners of the country.

A good mood was apparent with the whole team, even at that early hour. We were chaperoned though the airport and left on time for Vienna, Austria.

Just over an hour and half later we arrived in Vienna and were met by a representative of the Austrian Karate Federation who escorted us to our coach. We travelled for just under two hours to Linz and were taken to the center where our base for the week would be.

A quick check-in allowed for the team to have the afternoon to get supplies and get a feel of the City center.

The HOD visited the arena to see the training facilities and finishing touches to the opening ceremony.

As with many sporting events the security was very tight and a special training venue has been set up for all teams. The ENGLAND team is set to train at 8am and 1pm on Tuesday with USA, China, Hong King and Spain.

The Kata Team trained in afternoon at the Hotel. Both Reece Taylor and Natalie Payne put the finishing touches to specific parts of their Kata with coach Rob Bingham. They had a very good session and looked very good with only a day to go before the start of the individual Kata championships.

Dinner was early and it finished with National Coach Willie Thomas giving directions for the week and Head of Medical Provision, Dave Inman, giving a run down of procedures for treatments and pre-championship care.

The team were left to get an early night for the last day of preparations and the support staff to discuss the direction for the week.

Paul Simmons

Head of Delegation

Monday 24th October

The Squad and delegation have now left for the Senior World Championships and should be arriving in Linz early this afternoon.

Tomorrow the Referees and our Interim Kata Coach R Bingham attend the accreditation courses and take the relevant exams. Good luck to everyone.

Keep up with all the action via the links to the official World Champion website, official Facebook page and the WKF pay per view of the medal finals There will be an RSS feed via sportdata https://www.sportdata.org/wkf/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=74#a_eventhead

All finals can be viewed via the WKF pay per view channel info can be found here for medal rounds http://wkf.net/wkf-payperview.php


The squad depart on Monday to participate in the Senior World Championships Austria. The President Mr M Billman and the Board of the EKF would like to wish the English Delegation, Athletes and Referees the best of luck at these Championships.

Referees Participating:

Dale Gamble, Liam Brennan, Brian Noble, Gary Hoyle, Peter Bibby & Steve Coupland


Head of Delegation Paul Simmons

Medical David Inman

Kumite Coach’s: William Thomas & Davin Pack

Interim Kata Coach: Rob Bingham

Kumite Athletes:

Alton Brown, Jammal Otto, Brandon Jewell, Jordan Thomas, Cuba Parris, Bleu Parris, Joe Kellaway, Ryan Jay & Curtis Harvey

Carla Burkitt, Sophie Santillo, Amelia Harvey, Katie Hurry & Natalie Williams

Kata Athletes:

Reece Taylor & Natalie Payne

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